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The last local election for Eastville was held on 7 May 2015.
Simon Stafford-Townsend was our candidate in 2015 and came second with 21.08% of the vote.
The next local election for Eastville will be held on 5 May 2016.

Now more than ever, Bristol needs Green voices on Council. Since the Coalition took power, huge cuts have been made to the council's budget. Every year, both Labour and the Lib Dems have voted through these cuts. The Green Party has been the only Party to oppose these cuts, both inside and outside the Council chamber. 

Next year, Bristol will move to all out elections. whoever you elect this year will have a single year in office before standing for re-election. The Lib Dem vote is falling across the city (they are tipped to lose their MP in Bristol West), and Labour have voted with the Tories to guarantee austerity into the next Parliament. That means more Council cuts next year, that Labour will vote for locally yet again. 

Now is the time to turn to an alternative voice in Bristol politics. One that recognises the interconnected nature of social inequality and environmental damage. The Green Party is that voice. We promote a sustainable society, in opposition to the current exploitation that leaves millions reliant on foodbanks, and climate change progressing faster than scientists feared. 

If elected, my top three priorities for Eastville would be: 

1) Absolute opposition to austerity and service cuts 

If we don't oppose cuts to the Council budget as forcefully as we can, then critical services will start failing. By the end of the next Parliament, the Council will be virtually unrecognisable, and the damage may be irreversible. The only Party in Bristol that is willing to be this opposition (and has the track record to prove it!) is the Green Party. 

2) Ensuring affordable green housing for all 

Nationally, the Green Party want to build 500k social houses a year. In Eastville, property prices are rising rapidly as the housing bubble spreads, with people already being priced out of their local area. In Bristol, Greens will push for building more homes; fight to prevent the selling off of existing housing stock; and bring empty buildings into residential use. 

Since the Coalition took control, homelessness has dramatically increased, and more people are precariously housed. I will fight to keep people in their homes, and ensure the Council is aware of, and addresses, actual levels of homelessness in the area. 

3) Protecting our green spaces 

Green spaces are constantly under threat from developers, especially in a time when cuts to Council budgets make the selling of green spaces seem like a good way of replacing missing funds. We've already seen rare high grade soil disappear from the blue finger at Stapleton allotments so that an un-necessary metrobus junction can be built. Now a proposed housing development at the edge of Eastville Park threatens to develop away more valuable green space. 

Only the Green Party can be relied on to fight tooth and nail for these spaces. 

Bristol Green Party also has a 9 point plan for Bristol that summarises our full range of policies.

Please consider joining the Eastville Greenvine Facebook group. You can also find me on twitter as RedBristolGreen, and check out my blog, PsychoPolitico (or like the facebook page!). 

You can contact us at eastville.

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