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1 day left to register to vote - don’t accept more of the same

Voter registration for this May’s West of England Metro Mayor elections closes at midnight on Thursday 13th April.

You can register in just a few minutes by clicking here.

Commenting Tony Dyer, the Green Party’s Local Government Spokesperson and Parliamentary candidate for Bristol South, said,

“To everyone who has ever sat in a traffic jam at rush hour, to anyone who has been forced into a house that doesn’t meet their needs, to anyone who can’t afford to reskill to move into the job they want to I have one message; register to vote and be part of the process that will select the person who can influence these things. The new Metro Mayor position comes with a £1bn investment pot. It is up to you if this money will be spent with your everyday problems in mind.

He continued,

“Darren Hall, the Green Party candidate, is the person putting these priorities first. He is the one that will make sure we invest in Green energy to bring down our energy bills, who will invest in truly affordable houses that each of us can call home, who will invest in fast and cheap public transport that connects our day to day lives and communities. No one wants more of the same, so make sure you are registered to vote so you can have your say. Regardless though of who you plan to support, make sure you register to vote.” 

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