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Protect our 20mph: Green guidance on the 20mph review

The Council’s 20mph review consultation can be found here: Alternatively if you have input that does not fit into this format please email

The 20mph review consultation is split into two sections:

  1. About you: generic questions which everyone needs to fill out which include equalities monitoring information and 3 general questions about 20mph – these are on speeds around schools, on residential roads and on main roads.
  2. Ward specific information: There is then a list of all the wards in the city. You do not need to fill in each of these – you can just pick the ward you are in and comment on the roads in your area. You can check which ward you are in by using the Council’s ward finder page or look at the ward map of Bristol. If you want to include more general comments about 20mph or road safety in your area, then you can fill this in using the text box at the end of the ward page.

Green Councillor group suggested response

Green councillors have outlined why we need to preserve our 20mph city. We would urge you to fill in the consultation and help preserve 20mph in your local area:

Generic questions

We believe 20mph should be kept in all three options:

  • by schools
  • on residential roads
  • on main roads.

Ward specific questions

Have a look at your area and which roads are under review. We believe that speed limits should be retained across the city as:

  • Safer to cross the road
  • Quieter streets
  • Encourage walking and cycling

Although not clearly stated in the consultation, we have been told that it’s important that reasons are given for why you want roads to stay at a lower speed, whether this is because you cycle on that road, walk children to school or know it’s dangerous to cross. These points can be added at the end of the ward specific section. There is also space for you to add any other roads in your area where you think the speed limit should be reviewed.

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