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5000 and UP - South West Greens Celebrate a milestone

The Green Surge continues - and nowhere more so than in the South West were we now have over 5,200 members. The 5,000th member in the SW joined on the midwinter solstice, numbers have continued to rise over the holiday period.

At the same time the Young Greens in the South West recruited their 1,000th member - another significant milestone promising to make 2015 a really special year.

When asked what led her to join our 5,000th member, Laura, said "My family have always been Labour supporters, and it took me a while to decide to join the Greens; but New Labour are not an alternative to the Tories anymore, we need something different. The Green Party has the policies and vision of the future I want to see. I want to be part of making it happen!"

As part of the South West's Green surge the SW Young Greens, party members under 30, have swelled their membership to over 1,000. "This is fantastic news," said Young Green Co-convener, Sahaya James, "And it shows that young people are becoming more politically engaged and turning away from the traditional parties who offer them nothing but more of the same."

Isaac Price-Sosner, the Regional Membership Co-ordinator said "This has been an amazing year for the Green Party, our membership growth has been phenomenal, we are fast catching UKIP for members and sure to surpass the Lib-Dems in the next few months! It’s great to have so many new activists come along to campaign and help get us more councillors and more MP's too, hopefully!"

SW Membership Graph

Nationally there is also a surge in membership with the Green Party in England & Wales doubling in the year to over 29,000 plus another 8,000 in Scotland putting us on a par with UKIP and shortly behind the LibDems in terms of numbers.

If you haven't already joined now is the best time to do so - with local elections as well as the General Election in May we could make some significant breakthroughs and really change the face of British politics.

The rapid rise in membership does bring organisational challenges and if you have recently joined and have not yet hooked up with your local group use the members' website or the contact links on this site to get involved.

Onwards and upwards for 2015 - with a doubling period of less than a year those who believe that neverending growth is possible will be anticipating a time in little over 10 years when the entire population is green - of course as Greens we know that the belief in never-ending growth is precisely one of the problems of the old politics.

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