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Triggering of Article 50 sets us on dangerous path towards extreme Brexit

Bristol's Green MEP, Molly Scott Cato, has responded to the triggering of Article 50 on behalf of the Green Party of England and Wales saying:

“The triggering of Article 50 today, after the Bill passed without amendments, sets us on a dangerous path towards an extreme Brexit. The toxic combination of a Conservative Party hell bent on ejecting us into the wilderness and a Labour party utterly unwilling to offer principled opposition has led to this cliff edge, and only a distinct change from both will enable us to avoid the dangers that lie ahead. 

“What happens next will define this country for a generation or more, as we enter the most important peacetime negotiations in Britain’s recent history. The Green Party will continue to oppose an extreme Brexit – which is why I have fought against triggering Article 50 every step of the way. We will pressure this Government to guarantee the rights of EU nationals living here, protect our environment and workers’ rights and safeguard our communities from the damaging effects of losing access to EU markets. Alongside Green Parties from across Europe we will continue to make the case for continent-wide solidarity in the face of politicians trying to pull us apart.”

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