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Jude English, Tim Wye and Will Mountford are the Green candidates standing in Ashley Ward for the 2020 local elections.

It’s time for Ashley to go Green again.

The previous councillors from Ashley were all from the Green Party.

In 2016, the Green Party won one seat and Labour won two, only narrowly beating the Greens.

Ashley is a true microcosm of Bristol. It not only has fantastic parks and vibrant community centres but is also home to incredible institutions like St Werburghs City Farm, Hamilton House and St Pauls Learning Centre. 

However, Ashley also contains some of the most deprived areas of Bristol, and there are worries about expensive and insecure housing, air pollution, youth provision and unwanted graffiti. 

To tackle these issues, our candidates want to fight for youth service funding, plant an urban orchard and continue to support charities that serve the most vulnerable in our society.

Vote to return Ashley to the Green party in May 2020, and we’ll be able to make it a better place for everyone.

Get involved

Even half an hour delivering leaflets can make a difference to a local election campaign. Can you help turn Ashley Green again?

Jude, Tim and Will

Jude English

I have lived in Ashley for over 2 decades and has been my privilege to be an elected Green Party councillor since 2016. I worked for many years as a science teacher and have always been an environmentalist and a community activist.

I founded and still run a thriving community garden and orchard and am a long-serving trustee of our award-winning city farm down in St Werburghs. I became a councillor because I wanted to make sure Ashley residents have a strong campaigning and influential Green voice and I know I have made a real difference in the last 4 years. 

I have helped young families in housing crisis and have gotten funding to improve to St Paul’s Adventure playground. I report and support residents with their complaints about waste and fly-tipping and have constantly fought for resources for the homeless and poorly housed citizens I meet across the ward.

When elected my priorities for the next for years will be to begin planting the St Paul’s urban orchard to begin the rewilding of the inner city and to continue to campaign for low car neighbourhoods where we can walk and cycle safely.

Tim Wye 

Having lived in Ashley for the past 20 years, I have been involved in many community initiatives, including as one of the organisers for Picton Street Winter Fayre and as chair of trustees for a local residential care home.  

As well as being a passionate member of my community, I have also had a long career in health and social care. This has included working as a senior manager at Bristol City Council and Bristol NHS.  

Last year, whilst cycling across America, I saw the impact of the climate crisis first-hand. I returned determined to campaign for the environment as well as the community.  

The Green Party as it is the only party giving these issues the priority we need.  Having already been talking to local people, the air and noise pollution in Ashley cause great concern and this will be one of my top priorities.

Will Mountford

I started getting involved in local politics after the many disappointments of 2016, as I felt I could either give up or dig in and try to make a difference. 

My education and work experience are as a science communicator, so my attitude is always to follow the evidence, consider the impacts and try and make life better.

The Green Party follows those same aims, and I have been pleased to get know Jude and see how she has stood by the evidence, engaged with the community and improved services across Ashley.

As a  councillor, I will do the same. From smaller jobs like clearing drains, to the creation of sustainable, affordable family homes across the ward, I will address the problems across the ward with proper solutions.

Against the frustrations of climbing rents, monopolised buses, illegal air pollution and underfunded services, I want to work as the hands and voice for all of our community, and ensure Ashley becomes a cleaner, greener and more just place to live.

Contact us anytime on 0117 3526155 / 07584 151099 or


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