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Cllr Rob Telford        // @GreenRobTelford

Carriageworks/Westmoreland House

As you are probably aware the extensive community consultation and Community Vision was used by the council to choose Knightstone Housing as the preferred developer delivering on all accounts including affordable housing and a truly permeable site that all could benefit from. The owners of the land have now given preference to Fifth Capital who have put their plans forward to the council’s planning department. Though this will see a development of the site influenced by the Community Vision (and is better than it is now), it falls short of delivering any affordable and social housing and will have many of the characteristics of a gated community.

To view Gus and Rob’s objection to the scheme, please go here: or here:

You can view Carriageworks Action Group’s comments here:

The planning application is likely to go to committee for decision on Wednesday 8th April. If you wish to comment, go here:

Albany Green

We have seen a massive increase in the use of this compact green space between Montpelier and St Pauls since the recent investment and improvement – even over the last few months of winter. It is not perfect and some have specific complaints but on the whole the feedback is that now improvements have been made, local residents are hungry for more.

We are happy to announce that a new table tennis table will be the latest addition and we are consulting as to the preferred location. At the moment most are asking for it to go where the gazebo used to stand (which was condemned and removed after engineers tested it) but we’d like to hear from you, so please do contact us with your thoughts.

Other suggestions have been more for adult activity and top of the list so far are the compact ‘outdoor gym’ machines that are easily maintained and use body-weight as resistance. If you have other ideas, please let us know.

At the time of writing, Albany Green was receiving a deep clean of tagging. The infrastructure will also be getting a coat of anti-graffiti paint. If you'd like to help us keep the park looking its best, we have anti-graffiti kits available for local residents. We are also asking for vigilance in reporting known taggers on sight.

We are currently seeking local residents to form a “Friends of Albany Green” group to oversee the next stages of the park’s development. If you think you would like to be involved, please get in touch.

Ashley Hill crossing

At the time of writing, this much-needed crossing was being installed. This will greatly help parents and children in particular to walk/cycle/scoot to nearby schools safely.

St Pauls Learning Centre

The official handing over of the St Pauls Leaning Centre to the Ethical Property Company has taken place. EPC will act as managers to return the building to its former glory to serve the St Pauls and wider community as best as it can. This will include the re-opening of the Café, so if there is anyone interested, get in touch and we’ll pass on your details. More information:

Warmer Homes

Some St Pauls homes have been included in the Warmer Homes initiative. To enquire about schemes for private households, email

Changes to service 5 by First Bus

First Bus have informed us of changes made to service 5: “To address punctuality and reliability concerns First are overhauling the timetable and shortening the route from 29 March. In the city centre we are moving the terminus a short distance from Rupert Street to Lewins Mead. This relatively minor change will mean that the buses can avoid a significant amount of congestion which they currently suffer at busy times while turning round the Cenotaph, so that they have a much better chance of leaving the terminus on time. In addition, and again to improve reliability we are also shortening the route at the opposite end, so that it terminates at Oldbury Court (instead of Emersons Green) while retaining the existing frequency.”

Good news from the City Farm

After several years of consultation, design development and fundraising, St Werburghs City Farm have now secured planning permission and raised a whopping 82% of the funds needed to start building the long-awaited Connection Centre. So, in the year that Bristol wears the European Green Capital crown, they will start the construction of new facilities which will leave a great legacy for the city, impacting tens of thousands of local people every year.

The Connection Centre will include three classrooms, a training kitchen, covered outdoor teaching space, three toilets and wheelchair friendly facilities. As well as benefiting current service users and visitors, these facilities will allow the City Farm to work with an extra 4,000 people per year through activities that better connect them to food, nature and each other. These services include:

  • accredited training in animal care and horticultural for adults with multiple and complex needs
  • therapeutic outdoor experiences for those with specific learning difficulties
  • volunteer opportunities for long-term unemployed adults and young people
  • outdoor education and play sessions for children growing up in disadvantaged inner city communities
  • work experience and training placements for young people marginalised from mainstream education
  • free activities for families on low incomes
  • community events that bring people of all ages and backgrounds together

The City Farm will shortly be recruiting a dedicated Project Manager and launching the public fundraising campaign to help realise this vision and to raise the final 18%. To find out how you can be involved in helping make the Connection Centre a reality, please contact Kari on or give the office a call on 0117 9428241.We will shortly be recruiting a dedicated Project Manager and launching the public fundraising campaign to help realise this vision and to raise the final 18%. To find out how you can be involved in helping make the Connection Centre a reality, please contact Kari on or give us a call on 0117 9428241.

Montpelier Residents Parking
It was inevitable, but since Residents Parking was introduced in St Pauls (which is already being monitored for its effect), the already over-loaded streets of Montpelier have become a nightmare. Pavement parking occurs on many corners making it even more dangerous for pedestrians and all road users alike. We have understandably received many demands to speed up the introduction of the local scheme here (scheduled at present for June). For best results contact directly to log you wishes or complaints.

We have also been contacted by many St Werburghs residents and some in St Andrews who are concerned that no scheme is yet drawn up for these communities and they will soon face an overload of vehicles. This has always been a concern of ours and contacting the above email address is the best way to express your opinions.

Separately there has been anecdotal reporting of car-windows being smashed; we have seen a few too. These must be reported to the police (phone 101) or little can be done. We will continue to champion the right for the fees to be on a sliding scale and greater leniency for Blue Badge holders.

Fairlawn Road School

There was a sudden surprise to many residents and both local councillors when Skanska announced it was taking away many parking spaces on the roads around the new school site whilst building works were being completed. While everyone agreed that new schools are needed and that they need to be of the highest quality, this caused a great amount of upset not least because the consultation period was from just before Christmas to the 5th January – when for obvious reasons a number of council employees are away from their desks.

The situation has eventually been resolved and Skanska have apologised and held a public meeting. They have also said this won’t happen again and the restrictions are will only be in place for as long as it takes for construction of the new school (planned opening September 2015).


This has reached an epidemic level in our ward, especially in Stokes Croft, Montpelier and St Pauls. It is a criminal offence and all information of those involved should be handed over to the police via the 101 phone number. This is not Street Art (which has served to dissuade certain styles of graffiti and tagging) but a style of expression which causes damage to properties and creates anxiety for those living amidst it.

Despite very limited funds, we will be working with a specific team to target this problem but we need your help. We need shops and businesses to adopt anti-graffiti kits and to work with them to remove this eyesore from our neighbourhoods. Individuals can also be holders for these kits for specific locations (Albany Green and Montpelier Park for example). The anti-tagging teams will start in Stokes Croft and will work their way into our wider communities – beginning in the week of 23rd March.

Picton Street has been identified as a hot-spot and there might be resources for a CCTV camera on what is known as ‘Picton Tiangle’ by Bells Diner to help identify those perpetrating these acts. Let us know your views on this please, especially if you would like to take an anti-graffiti kit.

Sevier Street/Mina Road improvements

There has been a very active community traffic group in St Werburghs for many years now and they have progressed many aspirational schemes for the area. These have gone to successive Neighbourhood Forums, Neighbourhood Partnerships and sub-groups. Unfortunately, due to the cuts, many elements have had to be put on hold. We still remain dedicated to help deliver the wider plans. In the meantime there is a plan to close the commuter short-cut through Sevier Street to Mina Road. Closing roads to through traffic is often met with opposition from certain lobbies but has demonstrated greatly improved communities, returning neighbourhood roads to their original purpose – to serve those who live there and allow children (of any age) to play outside.

This traffic scheme is just going out to statutory consultation very soon. For a PDF plan of the scheme, please email Rob:

Bin summit

In St Pauls, Gus and Rob are – in conjunction with St Pauls Unlimited – arranging a bin summit to deal with the ongoing issues with waste collections, irresponsible dumping/fly-tipping and the general untidyness of the streetscene. This will involve multiple stakeholders from all the relevant council departments, St Pauls Unlimited, and experts in street scene management. For more information, please get in touch.

Stokes Croft cycle stands

We recently did an audit of Stokes Croft with a council cycling officer to see where future cycle stands could be installed. We found space for a total of 58 stands  (116 spaces). Funding can be made available through the Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF) in the new allocation for 2015/16 as Stokes Croft is seen as a high-use area for cyclists and we will be looking to push this work forward in the coming months.

We have also recently consulted with the police about the different CCTV coverage for certain sites, so that we can place any new cycle stands where the bikes have least chance of being stolen. The most likely sites are: Picton Street junction with Ashley Road, Nine Tree Hill on the ‘stopped up highway’, Stokes Croft pharmacy outside Love Inn, and outside Westmoreland House (planning application permitting). Please give us your thoughts on these potential new locations.

Places for People

We have received many complaints about the housing provider’s plans to cut down trees in their tenants’ properties despite residents’ understandable objections. The law isn’t very helpful on this and we have asked the Mayor to lobby the central planning department for greater tree protection. In the meantime we are also attempting to negotiate an end to Places for People’s plans and a withdrawal of their planning application to continue further works in the area. If you or someone you know is similarly being affected by a housing provider on this or any other issue, please do let us know.

Mayoral Ward Walk

The Neighbourhood Partnership organised a collection of ward-walks with the Mayor on Thursday 22nd January where we pointed out the main problems in different areas and the successes too. It was a disappointment that litter and fly-tipping hot-stops (such as the bins on Stokes Croft/Ashley Road) were cleared ‘mysteriously’ earlier that morning. We made this VERY clear to the Mayor and he did take this on board. We will share the Neighbourhood Partnership report of this when it becomes available but it will be no surprise that the issues raised and addressed were of litter, communal bins (both for and against), tagging, parking and Carriageworks/Westmoreland House. Thanks to Kurt for keeping the event to time – a difficult task!

Green Capital Neighbourhood Arts Programme

The creative brief for Ashley, Easton & Lawrence Hill’s Green Capital Arts Programme is now available. Are you a budding artist who wants to make Ashley a cleaner, greener place through behaviour change on waste management? £10,000 per commission is available! For more information:

Bristol Bike Project opens on Saturdays

Bristol Bike Project’s workshop (based at Hamilton House) is now open every Saturday from 9.30am to 5.30pm, for sales, repairs, and of course, you can donate your unwanted bike. Their weekend Bike Kitchen has moved from Sundays to Saturdays to run along-side the shop. The team reckon this will create a vibrant, open workshop where you can either book your bike in for repair, or do it yourself. Staff and volunteers are on hand to help and advise and they have loads of spares at affordable prices. They also have a Bike Kitchen on Thursday nights 6pm-10pm and the Women's Night on Mondays, 6pm-9pm.

Cargo Bikes at No Cost

Bristol Cycle Festival are currently working on a project which, if it comes to pass, will be able to supply cargo carrying bikes and trailers to local community initiatives at no cost. So transporting tools, or removing litter and debris. It could become quicker, easier, less costly and more environmentally friendly. Please contact for more information.I'd be really grateful if you could circulate this around your members and ask them to contact if they want to take advantage of a bit of extra carrying capacity.I'd be really grateful if you could circulate this around your members and ask them to contact if they want to take advantage of a bit of extra carrying capacity.


Ashley Job Club Every Tuesday afternoon, 1pm to 3.30pm, St Pauls Learning Centre, 94 Grosvenor Road, St Pauls, BS2 8XJ

For registration or enquiries on any of the above courses please ring Suad on 011795404333 and ask for training. Our courses are aimed at those residents who need extra support to move them onto further training and/or employment.

St Werburghs Community Centre Jobschool Workshops Every Monday, 11.30 to 2.30pm
Free computer sessions for beginners, and kitchen space available for hire.
To book contact: Heather Murray, Centre Administrator on 0117 955 1351 or

St Pauls Learning Centre Pottery Classes

Tasters are available - the chance to come for less than the full term and pay per session is now possible. Class times are 1 to 3.30 pm on Wednesday afternoons and 6.30 to 9pm on Thursday evenings. For more information:

Narroways Millennium Green Trust meeting Tuesday 3rd March, 8pm, The Miners Arms (comfy room)

Regular meeting of trustees and people who want to protect and improve Narroways Hill for wildlife and local people. All welcome.

Trade, Power and Global Capitalism – Public Meeting Thursday 5th March, 7 to 9.30pm, Hamilton House

Launch event for ‘Global Justice Bristol’. A night of film and discussion with Nick Dearden, writer, activist and director of Global Justice Now.  The EU-US trade deal (TTIP): what is it? Why does it matter to us? What’s happening to our food and energy systems? What can we do to help fight for global justice? Learn, discuss and find out how you can get involved in taking action. Links: Contact Details: Lydia Morgan

National Conference on Ending Asylum Destitution Friday 6th March, 10.30am to 4pm, At-Bristol, Anchor Rd, Harbourside

This will be the first national conference between local authorities and the refugee & voluntary sector to focus on the scandal of asylum destitution. It is being arranged to take forward the commitments made by a growing number of local councils to bring the policy of enforced destitution to an end. The conference is in conjunction with Still Human Still Here and is sponsored by Bristol City Council and will be opened by the Mayor of Bristol, George Ferguson.

For more information:

The Farm Pub open mic night Friday 6th March, 7.45pm, The Farm Pub

Musicians, poets, comedians, magicians; if you can entertain us for 7-10 minutes then it's the night for you.

Direction and Distance: Walk Mina Road Park Tuesday 10th March, 12 noon to 6.30pm, Mina Road Park
An introduction to the Mina Road Park Compass Point carved stump and map. All welcome.

The People’s Question Time Bristol Tuesday 10th March, 6.30 to 8.30pm, City Road Baptist Church

Can we save our NHS from privatisation? Do strikes work? What's the alternative to austerity? Why is there always money for war? What happened to social housing? Can we stop cuts? Panel includes:
Rufus Hound comedian & actor, Paulette North Ujima Radio, John McInally National Vice-President, Public and Commercial Services Union, Romayne Phoenix Co-chair, The People's Assembly…plus speakers from 'Protect our NHS', 'ACORN Bristol' Community Union, Bristol Women's Voice and many more. For more information and to book:

Mina Road Parks group Tuesday 10th March, 7.30pm, Parkway Methodist Church, Conduit Place

The group is welcoming to anyone who wants to become involved, either for one-off issues and events or the longer-term.

Ashley, Easton and Lawrence Hill Neighbourhood Partnership Wednesday 11th March, St Mary Redcliffe and Temple School, Somerset Square, BS1 6RT

All are welcome to the regular meeting of our inner city neighbourhood partnership. Agenda available here:

City Devolution and Communities Thursday 12th March, 9am to 1.30pm, The Bristol Pavilion, Gloucestershire Cricket Bristol County Ground, Nevil Road, BS7 9EJ

Local democracy and city devolution is a very hot topic at the moment. But what opportunities and challenges might this new approach offer the community and voluntary sector? Voscur in association with Bristol Festival of Ideas and with support from West of England Rural Network and Voluntary Action, North Somerset are delighted to host a morning of presentations, debate and a networking buffet lunch to discuss these important issues at the Bristol Pavilion. For more information:

Portland & Brunswick Square Association Thursday 12th March, 5.30pm, location tbc

Email Nicci Peck on for agenda and location.

Bristol Brewing Circle Thursday 19th March, 7.30pm, Miners Arms (upstairs)
A homebrewing club in Bristol. Bring homebrew, but please no more than two bottles each.
For more information: Twitter: @bristolbrewers

CoExist 24hr Charity Panto Friday 20th to Saturday 21st March, 8am to 8pm, Hamilton House

Coexist 24 Hr Pantomime is open to everyone – from the veteran thespian to the completely untested. If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at acting/writing/directing/designing and you’ve never had the opportunity, this is the event for you. And if you’ve done it before and love it, then come spend a day doing the thing you love, with immediate results and gratification! For more information:

In The Shadow Of A Gold Mine (photography event) Monday 23rd to Tuesday 31st March, 9am-9pm, Hamilton House

Through the medium of mixed media (photography, documentary, talks and soundscapes), the week-long event seeks to explore what life is like for rural communities who live on the margins of a British-based multinational gold mine in Tanzania. For more information:

Amnesty International letter-writing sessions Tuesday 24th March, 7.30pm, Miners Arms

Stand up for human rights over a cuppa, pint or a glass of wine.

Miners Arms open mic night Tuesday 24th March, 8.30pm to 11.30pm, The Miners Arms

The Miners are rekindling their monthly open mic night. Following in the footsteps of Presence with the wonderful Sarah Joy, this reincarnation will be hosted by Chloe Rose Laing and friends. We will maintain respectful silence in order to fully listen and appreciate everybody who has something to share. Bring your musings to a colourful, relaxed and supportive environment with no amplification.
Come poets, come singers and musicians alike - beginners and experienced artists WELCOME.

In The Shadow Of A Gold Mine (documentary and talk) Thursday 26th March, 6.30-7.30pm, Hamilton House

A documentary by Kenyan journalist Zahra Moloo, exploring the lives of those living in the shadow of the Geita gold mine, North West Tanzania. This will be followed by a talk by Roger Moody, who edits the Mines and Communities website, which exposes the social, economic and environmental impacts of mining, particularly as they affect indigenous and traditional communities. For more information:

Opening A New Chapter Saturday 28th March, 2 to 4pm, Hamilton House

OutStories Bristol is developing a new collaborative project with the University of Bristol and Bristol City Council. Continuing the research we started for our Revealing Stories exhibition, the project aims to gather the lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) stories of the Bristol area and create a permanent online archive. We are calling this project “place” and it should formally commence in October (provided funding is secured). For more information:

Further ahead…

Ashley Forum Monday 27th April, Unitarian Hall, Brunswick Square, St Pauls

Request papers and suggest agenda items:

Ashley, Easton & Lawrence Hill Neighbourhood Partnership:

Neighbourhood Partnership Priorities:

Further community courses and events
St Werburghs Centre:

St Pauls Learning & Family Centre: OR

Malcolm X Centre:

Hamilton House:

Planning and Licensing

Lower Ashley Road
We received word that there is a pre-application process for 31-45 Lower Ashley Road, St Pauls. This is the current site of a car wash, opposite Teoh’s restaurant. This is currently planned as a 4- to 5-storey structure, with 9 student accommodation clusters to the upper levels of the proposed development, and would provide office space to the ground floor at street level.  We would appreciate hearing your views on this pre-application.

Planning applications:

Premises licences/TENs
All new applications for premises licences and TENs (Temporary Event Notices) can be viewed on the council's website here:

 Consultations, petitions and campaigns

Are you registered to vote?
You can now register to vote online for the first time: Even if you are registered yourself, please pass this link onto friends and family.

Call for development sites
The Call for Sites will help Bristol City Council to identify sites and broad locations for housing and economic development within Bristol. (Deadline: Friday 6th March) For more information:

Bristol citywide Neighbourhood Forum review
This review is designed to gather feedback about the Neighbourhood Forums to inform good practice that can be shared with Neighbourhood Partnership members. (Deadline: Friday 6th March) For more information:

Old Market Neighbourhood Development Plan
If this Neighbourhood Development Plan is successful at examination and passes a referendum locally it will be used alongside the Bristol Local Plan to determine planning applications in Old Market Quarter. (Deadline: Monday 23rd March)

For more information:

Stop SITA Incinerator at Avonmouth for London Landfill:

Bristol Centre must be made fit for cycling:

Open Ashton Gate Park and Ride during matches at Ashton Gate stadium:

Trams for Central Bristol:

Develop a plan for community ownership of public transport:

Bristol City Council consultation hub:

Bristol City Council debate hub:

Bristol City Council petitions hub:

Council Meetings

For full details of meetings:

Mayor’s Question Time Thursday 12th March, 6 to 8.15pm, At-Bristol Science Centre, Anchor Road, Harbourside

For more information and to book your place:

Mayor’s Cabinet
The March Cabinet meeting is on Tuesday 3rd March, 6pm, City Hall. Agenda:

The live webcast will be viewable here:

Full Council
The March Full Council meeting is on Tuesday 17th March, 6pm, Council Chamber, City Hall. No agenda at the time of writing. The live webcast will be viewable here:

Development Control Committee (A)
Wednesday 8th April, 6pm, @Bristol. No agenda at the time of writing.

Development Control Committee (B)
Wednesday 18th March, 6pm, Colston Hall.  No agenda at the time of writing.

And finally...

St Werburghs Park Nursery receives the Centre of Excellence award:

Empire Boxing Gym – reflections on leaving St Pauls:

Search is on for Montpelier schoolboy who wrote fan letter to Agatha Christie in 1958:

Pupils at Dolphin School enjoy the great outdoors, despite the weather:

A trip around Ashley ward from one of the Bristol Cable team:

St Werburghs resident Vashti Seth has changed the world!

St Werburghs resident helps energy-saving Close The Door campaign:

Montpelier film-maker catches incredible footage of Bristol:

A new St Werburghs restaurant pops up:

A new business comes to Stokes Croft:

Review of The Love Inn on Stokes Croft:

Support Full Circle’s “We Ain’t Giving Up” (WAGU) project here:

Kind regards

Cllr Gus Hoyt             // @MrGreenGus
Cllr Rob Telford        // @GreenRobTelford


Ashley eNews November 2013

Ashley eNews November 2013

Ward newsletter from councillors Gus Hoyt & Rob Telford

Gus Hoyt

Gus Hoyt

Gus Hoyt, Ex-Councillor for Ashley

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Rob Telford

Rob Telford, Ex-Councillor for Ashley

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