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Bristol’s statues protected against illegal and unsafe air

Campaigners have today given Bristol’s most famous resident’s protective masks against the consistently unsafe and illegal air pollution levels in the city.

The move comes after around 4,000 people signed a 'Let Bristol Breathe' petition over the last week calling on the Mayor to take urgent action to establish a Clean Air Zone in Bristol. Green Party Councillors will submit a motion to the Council calling for tougher action.

A spokesperson for the campaign, Deb Joffe, said “It really is very simple. We are highlighting the level of support for policies that let Bristol breathe. Clean air isn’t a luxury, it’s a basic human need.”

Commenting on the stunt, Green Councillor Charlie Bolton said, “All around the city centre people live, work and visit Bristol whilst breathing in dangerous and illegal levels of air pollution. This is having a serious impact on our health. This stunt gives people a playful reminder that this issue is serious and that this Council must live up to its promise and clean up our city’s air ahead of tonight’s meeting”.

He continued, “Luckily for Marvin our Mayor, Greens have done the work about what needs to happen. We call it our 5-point plan and we hope he will adopts it in full. This plan calls for measures such as working with the taxi and bus fleets in Bristol, stopping the dirtiest cars coming into the city centre, encouraging more cycling and walking and to put an end to any future dirty diesel run generators in the city”. 

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