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Green Group welcomes poo bus innovation

Bristol Greens have welcomed news that Bristol is to become the first city in the world to get two fleets of so-called poo buses. 130 of the buses, which will be fuelled by bio-methane derived from human waste, are planned to be in service by 2019.

Tony Dyer, Green Party candidate for Mayor of Bristol, said:

"With Air Pollution having an increasingly detrimental effect on the health of Bristol's citizens, any innovations that reduce the level of damaging chemicals corrupting the air that Bristolians breath should be welcomed. Obviously the idea of buses running on such waste materials offers plenty of opportunity for jokes - but I am happy for people to have the last laugh if it results in a reduction in the number of early deaths caused by air pollution in our city."

Ani Stafford-Townsend, Green Party Councillor for Cabot ward, and Leader of the Green Group on Bristol City Council, said:

"I welcome the positive impact this will have on air quality, particularly in the centre and along major roads, such as Fishponds, where air pollution often has its biggest impact. The Green Group will be watching closely to ensure that the proposed storage tanks in Lawrence Hill, and refuelling station at Avonmouth, don't negatively impact residents."

Charlie Bolton, Green Party Councillor for Southville ward, and Deputy Leader of the Green Group, said:

"With attention turning to the Paris climate change summit, this is a welcome announcement. We need all our energy solutions to make the best possible use of resources. So a bus which is powered by a bi-product of a waste-product is a pretty good solution. We welcome this, and look forward to the whole bus fleet meet the highest emission standards."



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