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Green Party launches process to find next MP for Bristol

It’s time for a Green MP for Bristol - Green Party launches process to find next MP for Bristol

The Green Party in Bristol has launched its own internal democratic process to find their candidates to be the next MP for the four Bristol constituencies. Results are expected in early November.

A strong set of candidates have come forward to fight for what many believe to be one of The Green Party’s most winnable seat in the whole country. Bristol Green Party jumped from 3 to 27% of the vote in Bristol West at the last General Election[1] as well as having 11 local councillors in the city – one of the largest councillor groups in the country.

Bristol Green Party Coordinator Sean Buchan commented,

“I have been really impressed with the set of candidates that have come forward. We are currently running a robust internal democratic process to make sure we select the best possible candidates. Bristol represents one of the most winnable seats in the whole country for the Green Party and so it is no surprise that there has been considerable interest.”

He continued, “With so much uncertainty in politics at the moment we have moved our party to be on election footing. If Theresa May decides that she needs a mandate from the British people we are ready to fight tooth and nail to make sure the people of Bristol are represented with a strong Green voice in parliament. It’s high time Bristol had a Green MP.”

The full list of candidates:

Natasha Clarke – Bristol East
Lorraine Francis – Bristol East
Tony Dyer – Bristol South
Sarah Greenwood – Bristol South
Heather Mack – Bristol West
Max Morris – Bristol West
Molly Scott Cato – Bristol West
Sharmila Bousa – Bristol North West
Justin Quinnell – Bristol North West

[1] Full results for Bristol West can be found here  - Full local election results from 2016 for Bristol can be found here

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