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Greens can’t support budget that sees £30 million cuts

Bristol City Council’s budget will see the council’s budget reduced by a further £30 million in comparison to last year.

Leader of the Green councillors, Ani Stafford Townsend said:

 “This year’s council budget will see a reduction of £30 million compared to last year, as central government cuts are passed on to the people of Bristol. These devastating cuts to vital council services are not something that Greens can support.” 

"Thanks to a Green amendment, adult social care will be receiving an additional £3.5 million funding this year for care homes, disability services and home care services, but even so, the overall funding gap for these services continues to increase."

“As far as the overall budget is concerned, the Green’s don’t believe that most people want a society where their local council cannot afford to pay for care of older and disabled people, maintain our streets or pay for basic services.”

“These cuts are being presented by government as inevitable, but they are not; they are an ideological choice by the Tories. It is George Osborne who has chosen to slash public spending and force those on the lowest incomes to pay the brunt of bankers’ excesses. Instead, those best able to pay should be asked to foot the bill through fairer taxation and by cracking down on tax avoidance by big business.”



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