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Green Co-Leader to announce Bristol parliamentary candidates

The Green Party in Bristol is welcoming their national co-leader Jonathan Bartley on Friday  4th November to announce their candidate to challenge the hotly contested Bristol parliamentary seats. Bristol West is widely considered to be one of the most winnable seats in the country for The Green Party. The announcements will take place at 18:00 at Armada House.

Jonathan will also be announcing the Green Party’s full slate of parliamentary candidates for Bristol in preparation for a possible snap general election.

Ahead of the announcement Jonathan commented,

“Bristol represents one of The Green Party’s best chances of gaining a crucial second parliamentary seat. I am delighted to see such a strong selection of local candidates coming forward and taking part in our own rigorous internal democratic process. Bristol is already well represented by an inspiring local councillor group and of course by Molly Scott Cato the current MEP for the region. But I am sure many in the city will agree with me in thinking that it’s about time Bristol also had a Green MP. I can’t wait to join local campaigners in making this happen.”

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