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Only Greens can guarantee Bristol a frack-free future

Bristol’s 14 Green councillors have reiterated their long history of opposing fracking in and around Bristol after reports in local media have raised questions over the Council’s dedication to protect Avonmouth from fracking.

Leader of the Green councillors on Bristol City Council, Ani Stafford-Townsend said:

“The Green Party is the only major party consistently fighting fracking. Fracking accelerates climate change, puts local communities at risk from dangerous pollutants and increases our dependence on fossil fuels.”

In September 2013 Bristol Greens councillors took a motion to Full Council opposing fracking. Whenever and wherever Greens are elected they oppose fracking. Green MP Caroline Lucas not only forced a debate on fracking in Parliament, but also was arrested after taking part in a peaceful local protest against fracking.

Ani Stafford-Townsend continued:

“Fracking is reckless and unnecessary. A recent report ‘The Power to Transform the South West’ from Green MEP Molly Scott Cato shows that across the South West of England we can generate 100% of our energy needs through renewable energy alone. As a former Green capital, Bristol must play a lead role in developing the South West as a hub of renewable energy generation.”

“Greens are unequivocally in support of a frack-free Bristol, and we will do everything we can to oppose fracking in and around Bristol in the future. It is good to hear that the Bristol Port Company are prevented by contract from applying for a fracking licence and we hope that other companies will take note of the strength of feeling against fracking. For anyone considering applying for a fracking licence in Bristol in the future we have only one message – frack off!”

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