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St Philips power generator sent back to the drawing board

Green councillors have welcomed a decision by Bristol’s planning committee to send a controversial planning application for a power generator in St Philips back to the drawing board. Councillor Carla Denyer successfully proposed the deferral due to the concerns raised that the real impacts of the proposal have been understated. These include the need to reassess the dangers of air pollution, particularly on children.1

Green Councillor Jude English, who submitted a statement to the planning meeting said: 

“A power station in our city centre is not the right way for a green city like Bristol to generate its energy. We have heard loud and clearly today that the residents don’t want this power generator, which will contribute to climate change and local air pollution. There are so many better ways to generate our energy2 and Bristol should be leading by example by reducing the vast amount of energy wasted and developing truly Green energy generation fit for the future.”

Green Councillor Clive Stevens, who has outlined gaps in the information provided on noise, air pollution and CO2 mitigation said: 

“There were worrying gaps in the information being provided for this power generator proposal, so I am pleased that it has been deferred while these are properly considered. Air pollution is a silent killer and no decision to worsen the already polluted air in St Philips should be taken lightly.”

“I am particularly concerned that the effects summer heatwaves have on the air pollution may not have been adequately modelled, and that old limits for NO2 dating back to 1997 are being used when we know truly safe limits are far lower. This is about saving lives from reckless development but having to do so within a legal framework that's just not up to the job"

The proposal will now have to be reconsidered once further information has been provided. Councillor English concluded:

“We simply must have much more information before such an important decision is made. I hope that the concerns raised by Green councillors
3 and the many residents who attended todays planning meeting will now be carefully considered.” 

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1. The full proposal for a deferral can be found here>>. It is for a Short Term Operating Reserve bio-diesel power station.

2.  The Power to Transform the South West report, commissioned by South West Green MEP Molly Scott Cato outlines how the South West can provide over 100% of its energy needs  through truly renewable energy sources

2. The statements from Green councillors and many members of the public can be found here:





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