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Windmill Hill

Natasha Clarke and Lisa Stone are the Green candidates in Windmill Hill ward for the May 2020 local elections.

It’s time for Windmill Hill to go Green again.

Windmill Hill ward previously had a Green councillor (Deb Joffe). In the 2016 local elections the Greens came a close second to Labour.

The Green Party won in Bristol in the 2019 European elections with 35% of the vote - a huge surge of support. 

There are lots of great things about Windmill Hill ward: Victoria and Perrett Parks, Jamia Mosque in Totterdown, Windmill Hill Community Centre and, above all, its friendly, lively and distinct communities.

Windmill Hill also has its problems. People tell us they are concerned about speeding, pavement parking, litter and digital advertising screens defacing the landscape. St John’s Lane has some of the worst air pollution in the city.

Lisa Stone and Natasha Clarke carrying out 60-Second Surveys among local residents

The local Green team are already doing what we can to work on these issues and make Windmill Hill a better place for all of us to live in.

Vote Green to make Windmill Hill part of the Green surge in May 2020, and we’ll be able to do so much more.

Get involved

Even half an hour delivering leaflets can make a difference to a local election campaign. Can you help turn Windmill Hill Green again?

Natasha and Lisa

Natasha Clarke

I believe every corner of our city matters in creating a healthier, happier environment for everyone.

I work as an Environment Manager for a local company and live in South Bristol. Every day,  I meet people from all walks of life who hold green values and want to live more sustainably. But all too often city systems, such as transport and waste collection, hold them back.

If you elect me, my priority would be to collaborate with councillors from all parties to make living greener in Bristol easier. 

Lisa Stone

I’m proud to say that I’ve lived in South Bristol for much of my life - I went to Hillcrest Primary. I’m a trained electrician and I work for City of Bristol College passing these skills on to some of the city’s most disadvantaged young people.

Your environment directly affects your wellbeing. I believe we have to protect and enhance our environment on every level – internationally, nationally and locally. In Windmill Hill I've fought to stop the Bedminster Green high-rise flats damaging local residents’ quality of life and against the installation of ugly and intrusive digital billboards. I've been working to reduce speeding on Bayham Road and I regularly organise litter picks.

Together, we can make Windmill Hill, and Bristol as a whole, a better environment to live in. A vote for me is a vote for proud communities and hope for the future.

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