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A tale of Climate WoE

A tale of Climate WoE

Will the West of England spatial plan and transport plan be a catastrophic betrayal of regional climate change targets?

Greens are deeply concerned that the spatial plan currently being produced by the West of England will prove to be completely inadequate when it comes to meeting climate change targets.

Currently Bristol is committed to being carbon-neutral by 2050, and the rest of the West of England has targets of 80% reductions by the same date.

The West of England spatial strategy and associated transport plan run from 2016 until 2036 - ie over half way to the end date. We therefore need to be at least half way to meeting the final climate targets by that date. Arguably, we need to be further because cutting emissions is likely to just get harder and harder.

The spatial plan is set to plan for the building of 105,000 houses in the region. While no one is saying 'don't build them', each new house will add to the regional carbon footprint.

The associated transport plan - over the same period - by its own predictions will see a cut in the number of just 600 journeys by car or van (out of a total of 345,850). As things stand, this is totally inadequate.

What Greens want:

1. A clear commitment now to building houses to the highest environmental standards

2. A clear commitment to house building in the longer term which is carbon positive ie reduces emissions and generates energy

3. A transport plan which is far more ambitious and which has a far greater emphasis on sustainable transport ie public transport and active travel (walking and cycling)

If you agree with us, please sign this petition for climate-friendly West of England spatial and transport plans.


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