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Air pollution motion

Green Party Councillors are submitting a Motion to Full Council, calling on the Mayor to introduce a Clean Air Zone to improve Bristol's air. We need as many Councillors as possible to vote for the Clean Air Motion on Tues 8th November.

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Please help us by writing to your Councillor asking them to support the Green motion on air pollution.

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  • Suggested wording:

"Dear Councillor,
Green Councillors will be proposing a motion on air pollution to the Full Council meeting on 8th November . I believe it is vital that we take what steps we can to improve Bristol's air quality, so I ask you to support the motion."

Full Council Motion - 8th November 2016

Clean air now for Bristol

Full Council notes that:

  1. Bristol’s air pollution urgently needs to be reduced.

  2. In many parts of Bristol, especially near our busy roads and in the city centre, air pollutants exceed legal and safe European and World Health Organisation limits.

  3. Air pollution impacts on the health of people in our city, especially the most vulnerable. It can cause permanent lung damage in babies and young children and exacerbates lung and heart disease in older people, leading to an estimated 300 premature deaths in Bristol each year.1

  4. Other English cities such as Southampton and Nottingham are introducing Low Emission Zones or Clean Air Zones to reduce the level of these pollutants to safe and acceptable levels. Bristol is not one of these cities. 

  5. National legislation is anticipated which could enable Bristol City Council to implement its own Clean Air Zone. In the interim there are other steps that could be taken to improve Bristol’s air.

Full Council believes that:

  1. It is unfair for Bristol residents to be left behind breathing polluted air, when other major cities have Clean Air Zones planned.

  2. A Clean Air Zone should be introduced in Bristol’s Air Quality Management Area to ensure Bristol’s air quality is within safe and legal limits by 2020.

  3. Action on air pollution cannot wait for national legislation to be in place and we must take steps now.

Full Council resolves to ask the Mayor to:

  1. Immediately take all steps needed to reduce deaths and illness linked to polluted air. This should include, but not be limited to:

    • restricting the most polluting vehicles from entering Bristol, and supporting transition of deliveries with freight consolidation centre;
    • cleaning up the bus fleet, working with Bristol’s major bus providers;
    • supporting taxis to meet clean emission standards;
    • promoting and incentivising the use of electric vehicles and car clubs, and ensuring that Council vehicles are electric where possible;
    • promoting walking and cycling.
  2. Lobby the appropriate government minister to ensure that new air pollution legislation is introduced in a timely fashion to ensure that all affected cities can introduce Clean Air Zones.   
  3. Commit to implementing a Clean Air Zone in Bristol once the appropriate legislation is in place so that the people of Bristol are not left breathing polluted air. 

  4. Commit to immediately develop an updated Bristol-wide strategy to bring air quality within safe and legal limits.

  5. Ensure work to bring dangerous air pollution within safe and legal limits is adequately resourced.

  6. Include key air pollution targets in the development of Bristol’s 50 year plan, including a target to ensure air quality is within safe and legal limits by 2020 at the latest.

  7. Initiate an educational campaign to highlight to the general public the impact of air pollution on public health and the economy.

  8. Report back to Full Council on the progress made on these actions by no later than May 2017. 

Motion to be moved by: Cllr Charlie Bolton

 Date of submission: 28th October 2016


  1. Report to be published, outline data available upon request.

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