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Air pollution petition

Many thanks to Jane Stevenson who has handily set up a petition on more or less precisely the campaign we are running.

Please sign and share.

The petition reads:


Take all steps towards reducing air pollution in Bristol to safe and legal limits

Why is this important?

Bristol’s air pollution is above legal and safe limits and urgently needs to be reduced.

Air pollution causes permanent lung damage in babies and young children and exacerbates lung and heart disease in older people, and particularly affects people living in the city centre and near busy roads. It leads to an estimated 300 premature deaths in Bristol each year. This compares to about 9 people a year killed in road traffic accidents in the city.

London and other cities are implementing Clean Air Zones. Bristol should not be left behind. The people of Bristol deserve healthy, clean air.

We call on the Mayor to take steps to implement a Clean Air Zone in the city, including measures to make the bus fleet less polluting, to discourage the most polluting motor traffic in the city centre and near schools, and to prioritise strong measures to promote walking, cycling and public transport.

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