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Another Europe is Possible, Green MP tells Bristol

The Green Party’s Caroline Lucas MP is today visiting Bristol as part of a national “Another Europe is Possible” tour (1). Caroline will be meeting students at Bristol University ahead of the night’s main event to remind them that there is just one week left to register to vote.  

The pro-EU politician will meet students to make the case for a positive progressive Europe after a recent poll (2) found that students overwhelmingly wanted to stay in the EU but less half of young people are ‘certain’ to vote.   

Commenting on her visit to Bristol Caroline said: 

“People are bored of hearing the same OLD voices in the referendum debate – that’s why Another Europe is Possible’s tour will be such a storming success. We’ll be putting forward a positive, progressive vision for Britain’s EU membership.

 The EU guarantees workers’ rights, protects our environment and allows us to live, work, study and retire across 28 countries. I’m glad to be speaking alongside the Labour Party, trade unionists, environmentalist and social justice campaigners. Our movement is united in saying that Britain’s membership of the EU is good for progressive politics.

Of course the EU is not perfect but we’re coming together to say that we must stay in Europe to make it more democratic and accountable. By walking away we’d only put our rights at work and our environment at risk.”  

Molly Scott Cato, the Green MEP for the South West of England welcomed Caroline to Bristol saying:

“It’s great to welcome Caroline to Bristol. We desperately need more exciting female voices as part of the Remain campaign. Bristol is never going to be convinced by the Etonian boys arguing it out but I think they might when they hear articulate, passionate and positive politicians like Caroline. 

This is a once in a life-time opportunity for Bristol’s students and young people. This is their future that's up for grabs – and I am here to make sure as many of them as possible are registered to have their say.”



  1. For more information visit
  2. Opinium found that in the 18-34 age group, 53% said they backed staying in, against 29% who wanted to leave. But only just over half (52%) in this age group said they were certain to actually go out and vote.

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