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On minimum wage policy "As Labour play catch-up, Greens are surging ahead"

Bristol's Green MEP, Molly Scott Cato, who is also an economist and the Green Party's Economics Spokesperson, has responded to Labour's new policy of a £10 minimum wage (a policy that the Green Party has been championing for years), by telling the Independent that:

"I am pleased that the Green Party 2015 manifesto is forming the basis of Labour’s policy review. But as Labour play catch-up, Greens are surging ahead and now exploring whether we need an even higher minimum wage, which for Greens must be linked to a living wage.

The Living Wage Foundation has calculated a wage that is enough to live on is already £9.75 per hour for London, so it is likely we will need to be even more ambitious."

She continued:

"I look forward to the next exciting Labour policy announcement. Perhaps making the highest wage in any organisation no more than ten times the lowest wage, to help address the horrendous levels of inequality? They can find that on page 46 of our 2015 manifesto.

I also want to see the Government reconsider its bogus National Living Wage which, with a shamefully low rate of £7.20 an hour, is clearly far short of what people really need to survive.

If we are going to keep up with the rapidly changing world of work and provide people with the security they need then we need to seriously consider bold new policies. We should be investigating the case for a basic income, a non means tested payment to all citizens, to give workers a real safety net and reward unpaid work."


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