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Ashley residents’ views on Residents’ Parking Schemes

The purpose of this report

This report has been designed for a number of purposes:

  • To feedback to residents on what other residents have said
  • To feed-in to the Mayor and council officers the views of Ashley ward residents
  • To give any schemes the best chance of success if and/or when they are brought in for areas of Ashley ward and make it represent the many different needs of the differing neighbourhoods.

The report is NOT designed to:

  •  Include statements that simply say “I am against it” or “I am for it” – this document communicates what people think about the issue, not where they stand on the issue
  • Give a comprehensive numerical definition of how many people in Ashley ward (or any distinct area) are in favour of or against RPS.

We have endeavoured to include as much detailed feedback from as wide a range of sources as possible about specific streets, but we cannot hope to give more than general summaries about many areas of the ward. During the process of community consultation (over the last two years), and whilst collecting information and writing this report, we have been working with the relevant transport and highways officers, the Assistant Mayor for Transport, and the Mayor to ensure that all resident views are represented.

All spellings, punctuation and grammar have remained unedited from their original form. Where names of local residents appear, they have been redacted.

Anonymity of all residents was promised and will be protected.

Cllr Gus Hoyt
Cllr Rob Telford

November 2013

Download Full report here (PDF 1.2MB) Ashley_RPS_report_final.pdf

Ashley councillors object strongly to 60% premium to park in St Pauls

Ashley councillors object strongly to 60 premium to park in St Pauls

We see no reason why the cost of a permit for one of our residents in St Pauls should cost 60% more than a permit to park in Easton.

Green councillor secures free cash machine for St Pauls

Green councillor secures free cash machine for St Pauls

A new free cashpoint has been installed in St Pauls after a campaign led by a local Green councillor.

Greens working hard for you across Ashley

Greens working hard for you across Ashley

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