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Bristol Council buys new home for children in care thanks to Green budget amendment

An item coming to Bristol Council’s Cabinet today (Tuesday 22 January) is expected to approve the purchase of a home for children in care, putting a budget amendment introduced by Green Group leader Councillor Eleanor Combley into practice. The Councillor for Bishopston and Ashley Down said she was delighted by the news, and noted that it would save the council money as well as providing better care for looked after children in the City.

Councillor Combley submitted a statement to cabinet thanking Cabinet Member Helen Godwin for her support and the council officers who worked on delivering the project. She said:

“Looking after our children in care is one of the most important responsibilities we have as councillors. Sometimes children have been sent to homes as far as 60 miles or more from the Bristol area because Bristol’s current children’s homes are too large, and not suitable for their needs. We know that for most children in care it is better to be closer to home, near their family and communities and where they can be supported by local social workers.

“Sending children far from home can be disruptive for them, and it is also more expensive for the Council. I am proud that my amendment has helped our dedicated children’s services officers make this change to ensure that what we offer matches what our children need, and make the best possible use of the limited resources we have.”

Green Councillor Carla Denyer said:

“It’s great to see Eleanor’s excellent amendment from last February being put into practice. By providing more children’s homes here instead of sending children across the country for care, we’ll save money and provide a better service – it’s a win-win. Clever, common sense amendments like this that make the city a better place are a great example of the value of having Greens in local government.”

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