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Bristol Green Party Supports the Public Sector Strikes

Bristol Green Party has issued a statement today backing the public services strikes next week,

Green Party Group Leader Daniella Radice said,

“This Coalition government has shown nothing but contempt for public service workers who form the fabric of our society. We know that the decision to strike is never taken lightly and is a clear expression of  a deep seated sense of injustice. Many workers will be offered no  increase in pay, meaning that the Coalition is  cutting their wages. Not only that, in many public services,  pay levels have been frozen since 2010 whereas in that period prices have risen by 16%.* We support union calls for fair pay increases for all. As Greens we are campaigning for a universal living wage of £10 an hour, noting that many public service workers are not even paid the current living wage of £7.65 an hour”

Greens will be joining strikers at 9.15 on Monday outside St Michael’s Hospital  and will not be crossing any picket lines. 

*figures obtained from the PCS Union. 

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