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Bristol Greens invite Labour MPs to oppose Heathrow expansion

Bristol Green Party are today inviting the city's Labour MPs to join them in a united opposition to the expansion of Heathrow Airport that would "smash" the UK's climate change efforts. The invite comes after Bristol North West MP Darren Jones tweeted his intention to abstain, stating "it doesn’t significantly impact Bristol, so I’ll be abstaining" despite an election commitment to local Green party supporters to meet with Bristol Green Party regularly to discuss environmental issues. 

Eleanor Combley, the leader of the Green Group of Councillors in Bristol responded saying, "It is disappointing that, despite his own concerns over the environmental impact of a 3rd runway at Heathrow, Darren is choosing to abstain rather than take this chance to challenge climate change. Many Green voters in Bristol North West voted for Darren because of his commitments on democracy, Europe and the environment. We call on Darren to respect those voters and the agreement he made by voting against the 3rd runway when he today gets the chance".   

She continued, "We know that many in Bristol care deeply about the environment and will be shocked to hear Darren playing down the impact of climate change in this way. Greens will always speak up for the environment and keep it at the heart of all we do. Today we are asking all the Labour MPs in Bristol to join us in a united opposition to the climate disaster of a 3rd runway at Heathrow."

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