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Bristol Greens to attend #RiseForClimate rally in Bristol – 8th September

Alongside organisations in Bristol and in cities around the world, Bristol Green Party members and elected representatives will be demanding urgent action on climate change by taking part in the #RiseForClimate rally in Bristol on 8th September.

Forming a ‘Green bloc’, members and supporters will join politicians including Molly Scott Cato MEP, Cllr Charlie Bolton and Cllr Carla Denyer who will be meeting in Millennium Square from 11:30 and walking together to College Green at 12 noon.

Green Councillor Carla Denyer, who will be attending the rally and who is submitting a motion to next week’s Full Council meeting calling on the Council to commit to opposing the expansion of Bristol Airport, said:

“Bristol can’t wait decades for action on climate change. The leadership of this city and this country, like all others, needs the political will to prioritise climate change action, even if this means upsetting the car lobby to get a charging zone in our city centre, or being brave enough to oppose expansion of Bristol airport, or not shying away from effective action to reduce our city’s waste. We need climate change to be part of the conversation in every decision made by our council if we are to make real progress towards becoming the clean, green, carbon neutral city we know that Bristol can be.”

Cllr Bolton added,

“We have had extraordinary weather this year. People should be aware that - under climate change - the summer we have had will become the norm. Goodness only knows what the extremes will be. We are taking a massive gamble with all our futures. And we need to examine every aspect of life to counteract it. And yet, Bristol airport is seeking to expand again. The expansion it is proposing will have seriously undermine any local efforts to combat climate change.”

To join the march with Bristol Green Party please click here >>>

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