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Bristol shoppers join worldwide campaign returning unnecessary plastic to supermarkets

This weekend Bristolians joined campaigners from 18 countries around the world in ‘plastic attacks’ where they handed back their unneeded single use plastics to supermarkets across Bristol. Action took place in Clifton Down, Bedminster, Brislington and elsewhere across the City.

Pictured - Green Councillors Carla Denyer and Martin Fodor taking part in a plastic attack at Clifton Down Sainsbury's.

After Green Councillor Martin Fodor questioned the Council's delay in action on plastics at a recent meeting, the Council will finally be introducing a ‘latte levy’ in City Hall, which will add a small charge to disposable cups similar to the plastic bag tax.

Meanwhile, a petition calling on the Council to take action to reduce plastic waste has already gained almost 3000 signatures in paper and online. The petition calls on the Council to put in place practical measures to reduce plastics in its own services and the activities it licenses and controls. Once 3500 signatures are reached, it will be debated by the Council at a future meeting.

Green Cllr Martin Fodor said:

“The public are way ahead of the Council on this, and rapidly showing that supermarkets and brands need to act to cut the profligate use of wasteful and damaging plastics. People are impatient for the Council to put its own house in order and ensure its services stop encouraging plastic litter and wasted resources when other solutions exist (e.g. compostable materials and reusable cups).

“Tackling the worldwide scourge of plastic needs national government, local government, companies and individuals to act. It’s frustrating that it’s taking so long for the Council to play its part in adapting licenses and services in straightforward ways, like the terms of café concessions.”


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