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Bristol South: NHS

Over and above the absence of illness and ailments, the health of our citizens is determined largely by access to meaningful work, support for active lives and access to good food. Healthy communities, which are inclusive and have a range of local facilities, also support individual health. I strongly oppose the privatisation of NHS services. I therefore fully support the NHS Reinstatement Bill which seeks to reverse the continual privatisation of the NHS that has taken place under successive governments.

What South Bristol needs

Accountability Local neighbourhoods should have a voice on health issues, and feed into the Health and Wellbeing Board. We should oppose a target-driven culture and the contracting of out-of-hours care to private enterprises.

Prioritise children and family services Sure Start and other children’s and family services perform a vital role. We need to ensure that funding for these services is maintained and/or reinstated.

Focus on prevention Ensure resources go to promoting well-being and mental health both of individuals and communities, while services such as those that promote healthy diets and exercise, and services related to substance misuse, should also receive investment in order to prevent illness and thus reduce costs.

Integrating NHS and social care Social care needs to be properly integrated with the wider NHS. I recognise the commitment and dedication of the staff providing these services, and will promote the highest standards of care by ensuring that all care staff have full and appropriate training.

Fighting for the disabled The Independent Living Fund allows severely disabled individuals to live active lives in the community rather than being forced in institutional care. I oppose its closure and will fight to keep it open if the next government proceeds with plans to close it.

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