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Bristol south : skills

All young people have the right to receive a high standard of education at their local school regardless of their background, their parents’ income, where they live and their level of ability. And all people, no matter what their age, have the right to lifelong learning.

What South Bristol needs

Opposing the cuts to local school budgets The government is making savage cuts to the budgets of south Bristol schools.£3bn nationally will be removed from budgets by 2020. This equates to an average loss of £403 per primary pupil and £554 per secondary pupil. Tony Dyer believes it is vital that these cuts be reveres.

New schools for all All children should be able to attend a good local school. There needs to be a good primary school, with small class sizes, in every community; and a secondary school, responsive to the needs of all children in the area, within easy travelling distance. We would work to protect small schools from closure.

A full education We need to support teachers, parents and other professionals who argue that schools should encourage children to be creative and develop social and life skills, as well as gain qualifications. I am concerned about the current use of SATs and phonics tests, and believe assessment should be unobtrusive and in the interest of enhancing a child’s learning.

Focus on skills We need to support and encourage initiatives aimed at providing a range of opportunities for young people after the age of 14: including vocational training and apprenticeship-based learning. Massive expansion of apprenticeships offer one way of providing these alternatives.

Opposing the cuts We need to oppose educational cuts including school sports, arts and music, educational maintenance grants (EMA) and university funding.

Lifelong education Adult educational provision needs to be affordable and enhanced so that adults can gain basic skills, new skills or new areas of academic knowledge throughout their lives.


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