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Bristol's Green MEP reacts to Prime Minister's Brexit propaganda gaffe

Bristol's Green MEP has summed up the disbelief of many in Bristol after it emerged that the city features in the opening shot of Theresa May's new Brexit Plan video. Molly Scott Cato, who is also the Greens' Parliamentary candidate for Bristol West, commented:
"This is another tactical mistake from the PM, implying that Bristol supported her plans for hard Brexit. Added to her previous false suggestions that the whole country agrees with her this gaffe further alienates those who did not vote to Leave the EU. Showing a Totterdown street in a ward that voted overwhelmingly to remain as part of a pro-Brexit film is no way to bring the country together. Only by accepting that there are different views and by negotiating a future that works for everybody can she hope to heal the divisions Brexit has caused in our country.
"We are well aware of May's plan for Britain: it’s a race to the bottom on environmental and social standards in return for trade of any kind, seemingly with anyone, and that’s why she must know that she will meet resistance. This bitterly damaging approach to government is rooted in untruths. A so-called hard Brexit, with all the damage leaving the single market will cause, is far from inevitable. Many in Bristol would share my view that Mrs May does not have the support she needs to push ahead with a hard Brexit by diktat.
"Meanwhile, the rest of us are left to defend our rights, and we will do that – united, and within the democracy that defines our country. It's time to come together and debate our shared future, not be pushed around by a narrow ideology that only responds to a minority view."

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