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Bristol's Green MEP responds to Prime Minister's hints of leaving Single Market

Bristol's Green MEP and Green Party’s EU relations spokesperson, Dr Molly Scott Cato, has today responded to Theresa May’s indication she will not push for the UK to remain a member of the single market as part of any Brexit deal [1] saying:

“In spite of continuing confusion and the absence of any plan, the Prime Minister appears to be steering the country towards a damaging hard Brexit which will fire the starting gun for a race to the bottom on workers’ rights, consumer protections, corporate tax and environmental standards.

“What businesses are calling for is a clear message that they will be able to sell into the single market without tariffs. If the Prime Minister cannot ensure this it will mean a loss of jobs across the country as companies move their production facilities into mainland Europe. This will damage the livelihoods of the very people that Theresa May claims to wish to help.

“But the single market is about more than trade. It has helped protect us from the worst excesses of Tory Britain. Continuing a close relationship with the EU, including continued membership of the single market, will help maintain these valuable protections.”

Jonathan Bartley, co-leader of the Green Party, also said:

“The single market is about far more than jobs and business, and it is deeply concerning to see Theresa May disregarding its many benefits and hinting she will not be insisting on continued membership as part of any Brexit deal. The security and family life of EU nationals is under threat and we’d be looking at years of fallout and turmoil if we were to face a future outside the single market.

“Workers’ rights, free movement and environmental protections are not just 'add ons' to membership of the single market, they are integral to it. Remaining in the single market is the obvious way to help safeguard our future in turbulent times and we will not compromise when it comes to standing up for everyone who lives and works in this country.”



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