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Bristol's Molly Scott Cato responds to 'Green Guarantee' launch

The Green Party today launched their ‘Green Guarantee’, a set of key priorities for Green MPs who are elected to Parliament on June 8th. Responding to the launch, Molly Scott Cato, parliamentary candidate for Bristol West, said:

“Today the Green Party has made some big and bold pledges to the British people. Green MPs will fight hard to reverse the privatisation of the Health Service, scrap trident, defend free movement and give the British public, rather than just Parliament, the final say on any EU deal. 

“We will also push groundbreaking ideas such as the introduction of universal basic income and a shorter working week. Crucially, we will work cooperatively with other progressive Parties and MPs to bring an end to our broken and undemocratic electoral system so that in future all votes count.

“When people see Green policies they like them; and when they elect Green politicians they want more. Caroline Lucas has been a hugely effective and highly respected MP. But Parliament needs and deserves more than one Green MP to represent hundreds of thousands of Green voters. 

“Bristol West is the second most winnable Green seat in the country. I would be hugely proud to represent the people of this great city and fight for the policies contained in today’s Green Guarantee. It’s time to make history.  The people of Bristol secured the region’s first Green MEP. Now it’s time for the voters in Bristol West to elect the city’s first Green MP.”  

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