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Campaign Bus Launches in Bristol

At the launch Womack announced plans to reverse cuts to the welfare budget: "The Green Party will increase spending on child benefit and redistribute wealth more fairly by taxing the richest in society.” 
Jones, who is also Member of the London Assembly and Ex Deputy Mayor of London, highlighted similarities between her hometown of Brighton and Bristol: 
"Both are fiercely independent places, but both are also cities blighted by the sky high levels of inequality that plague this country". 
"I know that Darren will be a superb representative for Bristol West. He'll fight for what's right, unburdened by a party whip or vested interests. And he'll always put the people in his constituency first.” 
Darren too spoke of the intense disparity between the most and least wealthy in the UK: 
"Britain is the 6th largest economy in the world and has over 110 billionaires, whilst around a million people are still relying on food banks.”
Hall is committed to not only tackling the city’s issues of disparities between the poorest and the most affluent areas of Bristol, but also issues of public transport and climate change.
Bristol is the first stop of the bus’ five-city tour around the UK, ending in Brighton on polling day. The launch of the bus in the final weeks of the Party’s campaign in Bristol West comes after after the most recent Lord Ashcroft poll put the Green swing since 2010 at a six-fold increase.
It’s all to play for in Bristol West - and it’s clear that the Greens have the momentum to win.
[Thanks to Aaron Chown for providing photos]

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