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Celebrating 2015 Members

Following the national Green surge, the Bristol Green Party has seen an explosion in membership. Locally, the party has seen its numbers increase by a massive 800% in the last year. From less than 200 at the time of the last General Election, to 250 this time last year, to over 2000 today, the party is now poised to elect its first Bristol MP.

On the 21st of March 2015, the Bristol Green Party had grown to 2015 members. Less than two months, before the 2015 General Election the Green surge shows no sign of slowing. From less than 200 members in 2010 the party is now poised to get Bristol's first Green MP elected in Bristol West.
We will be celebrating this surge in membership at the Grain Barge on Wednesday (the 25th) from 7.30-11pm.

This event will also see the Bristol Green Party celebrate the 200 plus people who together raised over £8000 for Darren Hall's crowd fund; one of the most successful grass roots funding campaigns in the country. Each donor will receive a campaign pack, with the thanks of a grateful candidate.

MP candidates from across Bristol will be at the party, including Darren Hall (Bristol West), Tony Dyer (Bristol South), Lorraine Francis (Bristol East), Justin Quinnell (Bristol North West) and Cezara Nanu (Kingswood).

Numerous Green Party councillors and council candidates will also be in attendance, so this is a great opportunity to meet your local candidates.

Whether you are part of the surge in members, or you just want to join us in celebrating this milestone, everyone is welcome! If you are tempted to join the Bristol Green surge, why not come and sign up on Wednesday!

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