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Guy Poultney & Mohamed Makawi are the Green candidates in Cotham for the May 2021 Local Elections. We currently have one Green councillor in Cotham: Cleo Lake

Cotham deserves councillors that listen and work hard to get things done for local residents.

Our candidates Cleo Lake and Guy Poultney together got 32% of the vote, putting us in first place ahead of the Liberal Democrats and Labour.

This time it’s going to be close in Cotham. We need BOTH your votes to make sure we get two hardworking Green councillors. Voting for anyone else, or splitting your votes, risks getting another Labour councillor who just votes with their party. 

A graph of the Cotham Council Elections Results 2016


Guy and Mohamed both live in Cotham. They’ve helped people with fly-tipping problems, noise complaints, and many other issues.

They’re campaigning for more reliable bus and rail services, better bin collections, and safer streets.

To elect two hardworking councillors who care about Cotham and will demand real action on climate change, VOTE GREEN.

Get Involved 

Even half an hour delivering leaflets can make a difference to a local election campaign. Can you help elect the candidates who care about Cotham? Visit the Get Involved page to find out more. 

About Guy and Mohamed

Guy was previously a Bristol City councillor for Lockleaze where he campaigned (successfully) to prevent the sell-off of a local park and helped the local community engage in the redevelopment of the local square. He also worked on the city council’s planning and licensing committees.

A former hotelier, call centre worker, and bartender, Guy now works for the Green Party as an organiser. He lives in Cotham with his wife and daughter.




Mohamed has been living in Cotham for more than 20 years and is studying to be an aircraft maintenance engineer. He joined the Green Party in 2015 and is a political & human rights activists who campaigns hard to protect the environment and for reduced pollution and clean air.

As your councillor, Mohamed will work for and with the community for more reliable bus and rail services, better bin collections, safer streets, less fly- tipping and unwanted graffiti, noise problems, and many other issues.       

Having studied media & broadcasting, Mohamed helped to found the Bristol community radio station BCFM in 2007. He has presented two weekly shows for more than 11 years.

Mohamed is also one of the founders of the Sudanese community in Bristol, and took several positions for more than ten years, including cultural and media Secretary. 

He is active in a number of civic organizations that combat discrimination and racism and advocate for the rights of everyone, including people with disabilities and refugees. 

"I hope to serve the Cotham citizens to overcome difficulties and to create the right environment for living, education, health and security. I hope you vote for me & Guy in 2021 to be your councillors and represent the voices of Cotham in the city council."

Contact us anytime on 07932 930 881. Or email

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