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Council votes for Temple Meads arena location after Green motion

Over five thousand people have now signed a petition calling for the Mayor to support a Bristol arena at Temple Meads. In support of this, Green councillors submitted a motion to Full Council to allow councillors to vote on the matter and call on the Mayor to act on the petitioners’ wishes. Despite the Tories (and some Labour councillors) attempting to block a council vote by pushing through an amending the Green motion, Bristol Full Council voted in favour of the motion, with 34 to 12 in favour.

Cllr Steve Clarke, who moved the Green amendment, said:

“I’m delighted that council has passed this motion and recognised the huge public support in the city for a Temple Meads location for Bristol’s arena – it’s great to see democracy in action. Now councillors have expressed their support for a Temple Meads location I hope the Mayor will act on the wishes of the public and their elected representatives. People are getting sick of waiting for politicians to deliver on this project – if it’s going ahead, let’s build it in the heart of the city where it benefits everyone.”


-          Over one hundred public statements were submitted in favour of the Temple Meads location. Those submitting supporting statements include the president of the British Neuroscience Association, the director of Crack music magazine, the former Head of Broadcasting at Aardman and the company’s co-founder and Chair, and a former Chief Executive of the West of England LEP.

Key arguments listed in favour of the city centre location were:

  • A central position in the city close to the train station, bus and metrobus stops, and nearby multistorey car parks which would provide convenient access by all forms of transport.
  • Improved facilities, work and opportunities for people in South Bristol.
  • More jobs and opportunities in inner city areas that will be within walking distance of the new arena.
  • Millions of pounds already spent preparing the site.
  • The arena would be owned by the council so profits could be put back into funding local services.
  • An iconic part of the city which would improve Bristol’s reputation.

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