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Councillors reject new gas power station

Councillors voted at a planning meeting today to reject plans for a new gas power station in the heart of St Werburgh’s. 

Local Green councillors for Ashley ward have been actively working with the local community campaign to oppose the proposals.

Green Councillor for Ashley ward, Gus Hoyt said: 

“I am delighted that councillors on the planning committee saw sense and refused this proposal. Installing a gas power station in the centre of St Werburghs is not the right way to address our energy shortages.”

“The next step is for us as a city to also give this message to the government. What we need is a long term approach to energy that prioritises renewables, energy efficiency and investment in grid upgrade and energy storage.”

Rob Telford, councillor for Ashley ward added:

“I am hopeful that the council’s new Statement of Community Involvement will stop speculative developers like UKPR from refusing to consult with the communities in which they seek to place their developments. With over 700 objections, the community of St Werburghs spoke loudly and clearly that they do not want additional non-renewable power generation in their community. Councillor Hoyt and I are thankful to the planning committee members for their wise decision today.”



Image thanks to BS2 Green Space

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