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Dangerous parking is putting people’s lives at risk

Green councillors are calling for urgent action to help communities who are suffering with dangerous parking problems, particularly in areas adjoining resident parking zones across the City. Greens have tabled a motion to the Full Council meeting taking place on Tuesday 17th July to urge the Mayor to make sure that communities have access to the support they need to sort out these local parking problems.

Green Councillor for Redland, Fi Hance said:

“It’s only a matter of time before there is a serious accident resulting from the dangerous parking seen in so many areas across the city. As Councillors we receive reports of illegal parking and damaged cars on a daily basis, and we know just how much this impacts on the lives of the residents we represent. Dangerous parking puts people’s lives at risk by preventing emergency services from accessing homes in our streets and forcing people pushing buggies and people in wheelchairs to walk out on the road when they can’t get past cars on the pavement.”

“The Mayor has called on communities to contribute towards solutions to the problems that they face.  Many communities have done just that. In my ward community groups have been active involving their MP, councillors and businesses in an effort to sort local parking problems out.  But they need specialist support to find solutions to the problems they face, and they are not receiving this from the Highways department who are tied up with the Mayor’s 20mph review. Understandably there is growing frustration at the lack of input or support from the Council.”



Green Full Council Motion tabled to the Full Council meeting on 17th July 2018:

FULL COUNCIL MOTION – 17th July 2018

Action on Residents Parking

Full Council notes:

  1. That significant parking problems and associated dangers to the community are being experienced in numerous areas across the city, particularly those adjoining existing Resident Parking schemes.
  2. Many local people have attended public meetings to voice their concerns and several resident led action groups have been set up to examine problems and potential solutions.
  3. No support is available from the Highways department who are fully engaged in reviewing existing RPS schemes and reviewing 20mph for the foreseeable future.

Full Council believes that

  1. When residents ask for help from the council in this way they should be listened to, otherwise they will perceive any attempt at engagement as being meaningless.
  2. Officers should be made available for community engagement before the current situation results in a serious accident resulting from poor parking management.
  3. Residents cannot be expected to develop positive solutions without the expertise of experienced highways officers. 

Full Council resolves to call on the Cabinet Member for Transport to:

  1. Acknowledge the dangers that local communities are highlighting to their ward councillors which result from inadequate parking regulation
  2. Allocate resource to communicating and providing appropriate advice to affected communities in the City
  3. Explain to the local residents what is happening
  4. Refer the process for RPS extensions to the appropriate scrutiny function for review

Motion to be moved by: Councillor Fi Hance
Date of submission: 5
th July 2018


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