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Darren Hall on BBC Daily Politics

Darren Hall was invited to the panel on the BBC's Daily Politics today with 3 other MP candidates who are likely to win on May 7th to discuss their future in parliament.

Jo Coburn opened the show by trying to draw all of the future MPs to clarify what coalition partners their parties would consider. None of the candidates gave much ground however and reiterated that they were standing to increase their parties presence in parliament on May the 7th. Darren also refused to speculate arguing that 'I got into politics to discuss policies not parties.'

Jo Coburn would not let the panellists off lightly however, and pushed Darren for red line issues that would shape our decision to form a coalition. Darren answered that the Greens are standing on an environmental and social justice agenda, and that central to any coalition had to be a shared recognition of the failed logic of 'trickle down economics', that has seen the gap between the top and the bottom increase so dramatically.

Extended coverage was given to the recent admission from Tory party chairman Grant Shapps that he made an error speaking on LBC radio last month, and that he had in fact worked on his business whilst he was serving as an MP. This led to a broader discussion on the role of second jobs for MPs and the importance of having a career outside of politics. Darren agreed that his roles in the RAF and home office would play an important role in shaping his ability to perform in parliament, but that he believes being an MP should be seen as a full time job.

The episode ended with Jo quizzing the MP candidates on the various iterations of 'Vote Purple get Red' this election. When it came to Darren's turn however, asked how Labour had framed, 'Vote Green, Get....' he said, "hopefully, vote Green, get Green”!

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