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Dirty power stations inside the city? Even Tories and Greens unite to say it’s a bad thing

Two very unlikely allies have emerged in light of the proposed capacity power generators currently proposed for St Werburghs, Lockleaze and Lawrence Hill. The proposals are for three gas fuelled power stations to form part of the Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR) network to feed the national grid at peak times. 

Local Councillor Gus Hoyt who represents Ashley ward, including the affected area of St Werburghs, said:

“Nationally Greens and Tories have completely different visions for future energy policy, so the fact that we agree on this local issue demonstrates how short-sighted and foolhardy the proposal is.”

“I believe we need to be focussing on sustainable power generation and looking at using less energy in the first place by becoming more efficient. We can also help tackle the need for peak power surges with intelligent design built into the systems incorporating new technologies such as Smart Grids and Tesla batteries.”

Charles Lucas, the Conservative candidate for Mayor said: 

"Whilst it is essential to meet Bristol's future energy demands, if any return to 1970's-style power cuts or rationing is to be avoided, the location of any new generating capacity has to be carefully considered.”

"Of course, we must keep the lights on but there is also a responsibility to plan these things properly and not simply place gas-fuelled generating stations in the midst of densely populated areas as is being proposed in this case.”

"I hope that something a little more sensible can be agreed to reflect our much-lauded European Green Capital status."

Tony Dyer, the Green candidate for Mayor added:

“I am pleased to see our two parties putting their differences aside to jointly speak out against these proposals.  Installing industrial size diesel or gas fuelled generators in the middle of our communities is not an acceptable solution to the problem of short term energy shortages."



Image thanks to BS2 Green Space

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