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Green Councillors horrified by out of the blue fines to dog walkers

Redland Green Councillors Fi Hance and Martin Fodor have been contacted by a number of residents left upset and distressed after having been issued fines of up to £100 for letting their dogs off the lead on Redland Green. These appear to have been issued by Kingdom, the council’s so-called litter police.

Redland Green Councillor Fi Hance said:

“It is not an offense to let your dog off the lead in Redland Green, so I’m disturbed to hear dog-walkers have been issued with fines out of the blue. I have no problem with the Council’s litter police issuing fines for dog-fouling or litter dropping, but to fine people for legitimately letting their dogs off the lead is just ridiculous. I can only assume that this is being done to generate income for the company and I will be asking that any fines issued are withdrawn.”

Redland’s other Green Councillor Martin Fodor continued:

“As local councillors, we were assured we would be consulted on any planned enforcement work by Kingdom, but this has not happened. We have been waiting to discuss the many issues that need enforcement action in the ward. There are plenty of issues that need attention, but walking dogs without leads is not one of them. The council itself seems surprised that they were issuing fines on Redland Green, so there’s clearly not been very good communication in the management of the contractors and this needs to be addressed. ”

Image: Balder on the run

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