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Easton Open Public Meeting 12 February 2015

Summary of meeting ideas

The meeting was attended by around 25 people. Comments were gathered via post it notes stuck on subject charts around the walls, and also via small group discussions. Some Q&A also was held with Green Party candidates, Darren Hall (Green PPC for Bristol West), and Anna McMullen (Green Candidate for Easton ward).

The purpose of the event and this document

At the event, Anna McMullen stated that the Green Party is working towards a new politics which hopes to empower communities, and is committed to serious democratic engagement to make sure we really represent the areas we serve. Greens hope to devolve power and encourage decision making at a local level, and ownership of our streets. If elected, the Greens plan to work with local residents on a community plan for Easton, which will have a legally binding role in planning decisions for our area. Anna committed to use the findings of the event as a basis for a work plan if she is elected (and if not elected, to pass it on to our next councillor whoever it may be)!



  • Integrated transport which is useful for all.
  • More investment in alternatives to cars
  • Local trains that run later (on Sunday in particular)
  • More benches and hand railings on the cycle path, and a better surface to make it safer for less able pedestrians
  • Public information about the redevelopment of Stapleton road station.
  • Publicly owned buses and trains (take the franchises back when they expire)
  • Integrated transport authority
  • Stop metro bus
  • Widen the Bristol to bath cycle path in lawrence hill next to the driving vehicle standards agency - it's a bottleneck!
  • More bus routes e.g. To Clifton or the station
  • Better road signs, speed cameras, cctv
  • More planting to trees to improve the feeling of streets
  • Lawrence hill bus depot expansion
  • Concern about the new junction with the cycle path that is in the plans for the chocolate factory site which would see cars and bikes competing in a small area, and a blind corner


Litter and street landscapes

  • Community gardens on bits of land along the cycle path
  • No more dog poo
  • Stop the advertising that pushes consumer culture (esp. at children)
  • More trees planted on streets
  • Trees, planters, and benches along streets, making mini green Islands.
  • Clear pavements on mivart street
  • Make business keep their bins out of the way and cars parked with wheels not on the pavement - it's terrible for those of us with disability issues!
  • Street teams to create a positive culture of local care/education re. Litter and waste
  • Remove the road block on Greenbank by the Greenbank cemetery- this road was never a rat run. The rat run instead that needs to be addressed is Emlyn, Hinton, Devon road.
  • Concerns about parking in the roads around the chocolate factory if the road entrance to the new development is only from rose green.

Decent housing

  • No letting fees!
  • More 'whole street' energy efficiency and insulation projects
  • More community self build projects - a self-build component of the chocolate factory
  • A local 'LETTS' type scheme where people with skill and time but no cash spare can improve their homes. We have the skills and eager youth who want to learn. Together we can build a community based on sanity, wisdom and enjoyment.
  • Maintenance of homes, support for winter heating bills

Play Spaces

  • More clean green spaces...
  • Outdoor gym equipment in Netham Park
  • Skate park
  • Reopen the footpath across the Whitehall sports field

Access to health care

  • It takes ages to get an appointment so people go to A&E instead, which causes problems. Solution= preventative public healthy living promotion!!
  • Re employ care centres.
  • Old market/ temple meads surgery, with a large clock?
  • A combined building with hospital and banking in it.
  • An opticians in the community
  • Easton road needs a pharmacy
  • Ranking for doctors' surgeries so we know if any are good
  • In reference to the previous bullet: Or just more so I don't have to wait 2 weeks for an appointment!


  • Free childcare for children under 5
  • A BS5 focused childcare network? Email list?
  • More provision for alternative childcare models (support and advice)


  • What are you proposing to do about the massive increased need for school places in 5 years?

This question was addressed in discussions: As Easton has the most 0-4yr olds in the city, and Bristol has the highest influx of young people in the UK, this will certainly become a problem. The Greens would work with council officers to ensure proper figures were developed to project the scale of the shortfall in school places, and a plan put in place to cover this. Solutions that would be pursued include: expansion of Whitehall primary using the Whitehall playing field space or nearby buildings, expansion of other schools in the area including bannerman road, new redfield primary, consideration of other new school sites.

Local Economy

  • Promotion of alternative life, commercial and social space which challenges 'big' economy.
  • How about a database of local skilled people, with special rates for socially positive projects

Reuse of abandoned buildings

  • Further community consultation on use of old spaces (esp. those central to the area).


  • Easton community centre evening classes for medicine
  • Keep party politics to a minimum, the childish fighting is ugly. Greens are great so far - keep it up!
  • Councillors and Bristol City Council relationship ; something big needs to happen.
  • Proportional Representation
  • Keep pushing for electoral reform - a lot has changed since 2011!
  • Youth centre
  • Skate park
  • Make a new building which has a church, hospital, school, library, surgery, abbey in it.
  • Lawrence hill bus dial a ride
  • Explain the rational for the £10 wage - make it clear if it's not just a number plucked out of the air
  • Work new voices into politics
  • Greenbank cinema


Vision for the community

  • Building co-operatives: a network of crafts people; Eco builds; Apprenticeships; Useful skills built in the community
  • Plot to plate schemes in schools
  • Rent and housing: rent caps; long term rentals as norm, like in Germany; Efficient new buildings
  • Eradicate poverty and inequality
  • People before profit: living wage; value the real economy; citizen's income; live on less; redistribution of wealth
  • Childcare: support for people not to use childcare; overcome the feeling of complete compromise; change attitudes of people towards parenting; support to create small businesses with flexibility; more part time/ flexi work e.g. 10-2!!
  • Residents' parking: "Definitely don't want resident only parking!"; Some talk about reducing number of cars and pollution
  • Better transport: too many cars; why no tram system?; subsidise buses; efficient buses; make Bristol a 'regional transport authority'; buses running later at night
  • More real jobs- less agency work (=agents only profit).


A Cleaner & Greener Neighbourhood in Easton

A Cleaner  Greener Neighbourhood in Easton

Anna McMullen is starting a campaign to get the litter problem sorted in Easton



Easton ward lies to the west of St George and is bounded by the railway line to the west. It includes the communities of Easton, Whitehall and Redfield.

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