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Briefing for Leaflet / Letter deliverers

A list of do’s and don’ts can make a task seem more difficult than really it is!

These notes are intended to help you if you’re unsure about aspects of leafleting. Most of them are common sense or from experience of traipsing the streets. They aren’t hard & fast rules and can be taken with a pinch of salt!

These notes also apply to delivering addressed letters.


  • leaflet pusherPush leaflets all the way through the letterbox. There is an art to this for some letterboxes! Some leafleters use a wooden stick, wooden spoon or stiff card
  • Leave garden gates as you found them (open or closed)
  • Put multiple leaflets through letterboxes with multiple doorbells. But be reasonable! It’s not good to put 12 leaflets through one letterbox and looks bad from the other side
  • Remember that you are representing the Green Party so don’t be rude or untidy. But do be yourself!
  • Tell your delivery co-ordinator if you have got the wrong amount of leaflets (too few or significantly too many), having difficulty finding some locations or having difficulty delivering within the time allotted
  • Try to find all addresses if you are delivering addressed envelopes. Tell your delivery co-ordinator of addresses that you can’t find or of addresses that don’t exist! This will also make our canvassing operation more efficient!


  • Try not to put your fingers too far through letterboxes – there may be dog on the other side that wants to play with your fingers
  • Don’t worry about not knowing Green Party policies. People aren’t going to ask you – they know you are simply leafleting not canvassing. If someone does want to talk to someone knowledgeable, you can take their details and pass them onto your delivery co-ordinator
  • Don’t remove other parties’ leaflets from a letterbox if you can reach them – even though it’s tempting!
  • Don’t leaflet business premises, unless your delivery co-ordinator has told you to. But remember that some shops have a flat above that doesn’t have a separate entrance
  • Don’t take any notice of any “Cold Caller Free zone” signs. You are not cold-calling!
  • Don’t take any notice of “No junk mail” signs. You are not delivering junk mail! The occupier probably only wants to stop leaflets that are selling things and you are providing information that will help them exercise their democratic right to vote
    If someone asks you not to deliver, make a note of the address and report it back to your delivery co-ordinator


Some situations have no hard and fast rules and it comes down to what you are comfortable with. Different leafleters have different answers.

  • A house has no accessible letterboxes, but there is an entry-phone system – what do you do?
    • Don’t press any bells. Occupants get fed up with people ringing their bells just to gain entry to letterboxes
    • Press a bell at random (not number 1, they are always the first to be rung!). If no answer then don’t waste any more time
    • Press enough bells, at random, until you get an answer
    • Come back in the morning and press the Service/Trade bell. For some places, this automatically works for an hour or so in the morning
    • Wait a short while to see if someone goes in or out and then enter
    • Arrange with your delivery co-ordinator to have those addresses leafleted separately by someone who can gain access or to post leaflets to those addresses. (We know the names and addresses of the occupants)

A suggested message you can use over the phone system is “I have some community newsletters to deliver, please can you let me in?”

The balance here is between our need (and right) to present political views to the electorate and the public’s desire to not be disturbed.

If you want to edit or print-out this article, it is also available to download:

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