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Everything falling into place for Arena Island

Green Councillors are delighted that the last week of scrutiny has demonstrated the case for an Arena in the central  of Bristol.

Leader of the Green Councillors Eleanor Combley, who has observed the week-long scrutiny sessions tasked with assessing the different arena options said:

“I know that the Mayor was keen to see all the evidence for the two arena options and all credit to him for wanting to look at which of these options will best deliver for Bristol.”

“The revelation that the Arena will be able to be delivered in the city centre at the target cost of £122 million is great news for those who think a city centre location is the right decision for Bristol. This now means the income from the Arena will more than cover the costs of the loan taken out to build it. This builds on the value for money study which demonstrated that an Arena on Arena Island is an affordable, viable option that is shovel-ready.”

“The Council’s scrutiny committee was tasked with assessing the different offers coming forward. The week of sessions have seen many concerns raised with the counter offer of an Arena at Filton. These include the risk that the developers for a Filton Arena could walk away at any point, that a Filton Arena would see the economic benefit ‘leak’ out of the city centre and the dangers of privatising an Arena rather than having it as a public asset.”

“I know the Mayor was keen to read the evidence and hear the views of councillors tasked with scrutinising the different options for an Arena, and so I am sure he will be guided by the statement that the scrutiny committee are developing.”

“Personally I’m delighted to hear that the Mayor can deliver an Arena in the heart of our city, bringing cultural benefits and jobs to the whole of Bristol with no on-going costs to the tax-payer.”


Councillor Eleanor Combley

07584 370427

Agendas and papers for the Extraordinary OSMB meetings tasked with asessing the Arena can be found here:

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