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Five point plan

Our five point plan to clean up the city’s air


Restrict the most polluting vehicles from entering Bristol. We currently have no credible clean air zone proposals and we need to develop our proposals to have Bristol as one of the English cities adopting clean air zones by 2020.

Clean up the city's taxis. Taxis licensed by Bristol City Council are among the city's dirtiest diesel vehicles. We need to improve real world emission testing for BCC licensed taxis and variable licence fees based on their pollution levels.

Clean up the bus fleet.  We need to ensure that the right mixtures of incentives and sanctions are in place for bus operators to clean up their vehicle fleets.

Promote electric vehicle and car clubs. We need to ensure that the city's development of infrastructure and availability for electric vehicles is progressed swiftly.

Support the promotion of walking and cycling to improve the city's air quality.



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