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Free cashpoint for Mina Road

The provision of free cash point facilities in some low income areas of Bristol is not great.

In Ashley ward, I put together a petition calling for the council, banks and cash point vendors to give Mina Road and Ashley Road free cashpoints. I talked to local shop owners (see picture) and tried to get an idea of where this might happen.

The St. Werburgh’s Community website and the Post picked up the story and at the time of writing, the petition has 223 signatures.

The campaign was successful in getting PayPoint to install a free cashpoint inside the premises of The Better Food Company on Sevier Street in St. Werburgh’s, just a stones throw away from Mina Road!

It was also great to see local Lib Dems Jon Rogers and Stephen Williams support the campaign! I’m happy when anything positive happens and it’s great that Jon and Stephen got a picture of themselves with the new cashpoint. Perhaps sometime soon they will put their names on the petition, which is still very much active as we need a cashpoint in the St. Paul’s section of Ashley Road. This is where the need is probably greatest – the nearest free cashpoints are in Stokes Croft or the new one in St. Werburgh’s.

Some residents’ views (given on the petition site):

  • “It’s not fair on those who find it difficult to get around. Why should people in less wealthy areas have to pay more?”
  • “Without this basic functionality the less affluent areas have another cost to bear. It’s just not fair. Do the right thing.”
  • “Ironic that places that have the least money to spare get charged the most for getting their money!”

Reasons enough to continue the campaign!



The Bristol Green Party and its members are actively involved in many campaigns across the city and further afield.

Rob Telford

Rob Telford

Rob Telford, Ex-Councillor for Ashley

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