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Gloucester Road Shops set to lose £1 in every £5 with Sainsbury's

Green Party cabinet member expresses strong opposition to development plans

Green Party members have today expressed strong opposition to the proposed Sainsbury's development at the Memorial stadium citing research that shows local business will suffer.

An independent GVA assessment commissioned by the council states that if the development goes ahead Gloucester road shops will lose up to 19% of turnover by 2017, resulting in many local business closures. {1} Although the report states that most of the losses will be taken by the convenience sector, it also highlights the knock on negative effect across all shops on Gloucester road and the surrounding area.

Gus Hoyt, Cabinet Member for Food, Neighbourhoods and Communities said:

"We must protect our valuable local shops if we are to thrive and survive as a city. Gloucester road is one of the prime examples of a diverse high-street that is the life-blood of our independent traders. It is also one of the last streets in Bristol where there is a choice of grocers - a mega Sainsbury close by could destroy this precious resource, making local food even harder to come by."

Daniella Radice, Green Party Candidate for Bishopston, said:

"Rejecting the Sainsbury's application is about supporting our local livelihood and culture. Thousands flock to Gloucester Road every day of every year because it is unique - a jewel in Bristol's crown. We can't let one of Britain's last remaining high streets get shut down."

Greens have further pointed out that information provided by Sainsbury's during the initial consultation process was deceptive. Sainsbury's initially gave the impression that the new store was comparable to their Winterstoke Road shop. In reality the retail floorspace will be larger than Eastville Tesco.

Bristol City Council is obliged by new planning legislation introduced by the coalition, to consider any damage new supermarkets will make to local high streets. As Bristol City Council's report clearly states, the damage caused by the new Sainsbury's will be considerable. Campaigners and Green Party members have stated their intention to therefore highlight this inconsistency and demand that BCC take serious note of the findings of the report.

Research has shown that small and medium sized businesses provide 30% more jobs per £100,000 in turnover than large businesses such as supermarkets. As well as providing more jobs, these businesses are more likely to be linked to other local businesses when developing products thereby ensuring a stable and growing local economy.

A key committee meeting will take place next Wednesday at City Hall to which Daniella Radice will submit a statement as part of the TRASH action group.

Bishopston & Ashley Down

Bishopston  Ashley Down

Bishopston & Ashley Down ward has a central spine of Gloucester Road, with Kellaway Avenue and Muller Road providing the western and eastern boundaries respectively. We have one Green councillor in Bishopston & Ashley Down: Eleanor Combley

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