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Government Proposes to Slash Energy Standards for Bristol’s new homes

Bristol's Green Councillors were horrified to learn today of the government’s proposed Housing Standards Review. The "Greenest government ever" Lib Dem and Conservative coalition is proposing to delete elements of the Code for Sustainable Homes, removing the ability of local planning authorities to set Code standards nationally that incorporate Carbon and energy targets. Especially in this current economic climate, this would directly lead to a lower quality for the lifetime of new homes, making it more difficult for this country to reduce its carbon emissions.

"High quality and energy efficient homes are not only good for the planet but they are good for the householder, meaning that they pay much less on their energy bills. This is such a short-sited move under the supposed guise of removing 'red tape'." said Daniella Radice, Leader of the Green Group on the Council.

Gus Hoyt, cabinet member for Environment and Housing said, "Bristol is setting itself up as an example through the Green Capital City 2015. We must ensure we keep to our goal to reduce our carbon footprint, but we need national standards and our newly adopted Core Strategy to do this".

"Some of the biggest energy savings we can make in a city is through our built environment. This represents a step back of monumental proportions."

The Green Party is committed to solving Bristol’s housing crisis whilst lowering energy bills and conserving energy.


- Daniella Radice sits on the Neighbourhoods & Communities scrutiny commission on Bristol City Council.

- More about the flaws of the Housing Standards Review can be found here:

- More information on the Green Party’s policies can be found at:

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