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Green candidate line up revealed

The Green Party in Bristol has launched their line up of candidates for the May 2013 local elections. A sample of the twenty three green activists championing their local areas gathered outside City Hall, where their nomination papers have now been submitted.

The Greens have seen a rise in popularity in Bristol politics in the last year, with Daniella Radice overtaking the Liberal Democrat vote in Bristol West in the recent mayoral elections, and Cllr Gus Hoyt being asked to take a place on the cabinet. The Greens are confident about winning more seats in the coming elections.

"The Green vote in Bristol is growing because we offer the only credible alternative to the big three political parties," said Rob Telford, Green candidate for Ashley ward. "2013 is the year that we can state loudly and proudly with our vote that we want a Green Bristol!"

"People who stand for the Greens are local people, who are active on local concerns and have principles that aren't dictated to us from above. What unites us is that we believe in honesty, transparency and respect for people and the planet," said Daniella Radice, Green candidate for Bishopston.

Anna McMullen, Green candidate for Easton ward added: "Greens across Bristol have a track record of standing up for what matters, like our recent fight to protect Bristol's homelessness prevention fund. We are activists who are willing to speak up to protect public services, oppose the cuts, and make sure local voices get heard."

The Greens have put up a candidate in every seat in the city that is up for election this May:

Ashley - Rob Telford
Avonmouth - Justin Quinnell
Bishopston - Daniella Radice
Cabot - Charlie Bolton
Clifton - Simon Stafford-Townsend
Clifton East - Simon Bennett
Cotham - Ani Stafford-Townsend
Easton - Anna McMullen
Eastville - Josie McLellan
Frome Vale - John Hills
Henbury - Tim Malnick
Henleaze - Jane Devlin
Hillfields - Rick Lovering
Horfield - Jude English
Kingsweston - Lela McTernan
Lawrence Hill - Chloë Somers
Lockleaze - Chrissie Quinnell
Redland - Martin Fodor
Southmead - Chris Millman
St George East - Don Brown
St George West - Ben Appleby
Stoke Bishop - Geoff Collard
Westbury-on-Trym - Alex Dunn

Greens together continue to commit to achieve the following in Bristol:

  • Reliable, well connected and affordable public transport
  • Protection for public services
  • Build a strong local economy to create jobs
  • More eco-friendly and affordable homes
  • A good local state school for every child
  • Cleaner, greener streets
  • Public and accessible healthcare for all
  • Work towards a self-sufficient energy system for Bristol
  • Safer, stronger communities 

A Green Plan For Bristol

A Green Plan For Bristol

The Green Party is not just concerned about the environment.

Local Wards

Local Wards

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