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Celebrate the success of Green Capital and call for greater transparency

Bristol’s Green councillors have highlighted the many successes of Bristol’s year as European Green capital, whilst also calling for full transparency around the Green capital accounts.


Leader of the Green Councillor group, Ani Stafford-Townsend said:

“Bristol’s year as European Green capital has been a tremendous boost for awareness of environmental issues and new sustainable jobs. Many Bristolians have been involved in Green issues for the first time and it has put Bristol on the world stage. It would be extremely sad if this legacy was overshadowed because of questions around financial accountability.”


“It is crucial for the financing of Green capital to be completely open and accountable. We call for complete transparency of the accounts from Bristol 2015 Ltd and for the accounts to meet the standards outlined in the updated Local Government Transparency Code (2015)1.”

Green Councillors have also pointed to a 38 Degrees petition calling on Prime Minster David Cameron to accept the FOI Commission's recommendation to extend Freedom of Information to private companies delivering public services2. If applied, this could open up Bristol 2015 Ltd to FOI requests, and defuse any accusations of foul play.


1. The Local Government Transparency Code was updated in 2015 by coalition government. It includes recommendations that details of all spending transactions over £500, and all Government Procurement Card spending and contracts valued over £5,000, should be published. 



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