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Green Councillor asks Mayor to justify payment to former Chief Exec

Councillor Paula O'Rourke, Green Party Councillor for Clifton and member of the Council's HR Committee, has contacted the Mayor to raise concerns and request more information over a payment made to the former Chief Executive Anna Klonowski following her resignation.

 Councillor O'Rourke said: 

"While I appreciate the importance of showing flexibility for people who have caring responsibilities I believe that the unnecessary payment of this large sum was the wrong decision for the Mayor to take. Bristol residents will rightly be wondering why Marvin thought it was necessary to spend money like this. Surely the point of a notice period is that you don’t get paid for it if you don’t work it.”

 The contents of the email are below:

 Dear Marvin,

Justification of making a Payment in Lieu of Notice to the former CEO on her resignation

Having asked questions of the HR Director and the Legal Director at this morning's meeting of the Council's HR Committee, this is my understanding regarding the resignation of the CEO Anna Klonowski. 

The CEO resigned. Our understanding from this morning's meeting is that she did not offer to work her notice (with a seriously ill parent, this seems understandable) and you agreed to release her with immediate effect. 

 Because the resignation clause in the contract was breached by the CEO there was no requirement to pay 6 months salary in lieu of notice. We understand from this morning's meeting that the CEO was paid 6 months salary, and you may wish to confirm this. 

 You had the discretion as Mayor to pay the notice period of the salary or to terminate the contract without payment. I would like to know the justification for making a payment of such a significant sum, rumoured to be in excess of £70K, in the present climate of austerity and with the immense financial pressure that the council is under.

 Kind regards, 

 Councillor Paula O'Rourke 

Councillor Paula O'Rourke
07527 955585

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